NEFIS condemns brutal police attach on Panjab University students!


North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) condemns the brutal attack on Chandigarh Police on Panjab University (PU) students, protesting against fee hike. It should be known that fee hike has been proposed for various courses in the university, a decision which would bar students from marginalized sections from entering the university. It was against this decision that the students were protesting, when Chandigarh Police, run by Union Home Ministry attacked them and later arrested them by allegedly pressing ‘Sedition’ charges on them.

It should be known that the MHRD along with UGC is trying to privatize Higher Education in the country and resorts to attacks on student and teaching community protesting against its plans. These actions of the BJP government reveal its agenda to stifle dissent in the country and to create fear that criticism of any kind would entail seditious charges, are much more than merely disturbing.

NEFIS stands with PU students and its academic community in its fight against fee hike and pledges to continue the struggle against BJP Govt’s assault on education.


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