Some points for the CM to digest Learn from the past follies


Reaching out to the Nagas. Maybe this is due to political compulsion in the face of the fact that the BJP needs to rely on the support of the four NPF MLAs to remain in power, or more importantly it could be due to some hard lessons learnt from the previous Congress Government. Whatever the case it may be, it is good to note that Chief Minister N Biren has today managed to reach out to the Naga people and this was amply demonstrated by the rousing welcome he received when he visited Ukhrul district headquarters by road on April 11. This is not exactly a comparison, but the road route which the BJP Chief Minister took from Imphal to Ukhrul was unthinkable for the then Chief Minister when the Congress was in power here for 15 years but it is here that it also becomes important to note that it would not have been advisable for the then CM to travel by road all the way from Imphal to Ukhrul district headquarters or any Naga dominated district. The Congress Government failed to reach out to the Naga people and likewise the Naga people too did not hesitate in boycotting the Congress Government. No winners here for in the game of one upmanship it was not the Congress or the Naga leaders (read Naga CSO leaders) who suffered but the common people and the place. Something amply demonstrated by the announcement of Chief Minister N Biren to get the main road in Ukhrul district headquarters repaired immediately.
It is more than clear that the BJP led Government here is intent on not treading the path laid down by the Congress Government in the last 15 years and it is here that it becomes extremely important for Mr N Biren to listen to the right people. If at all there is another lesson that the new Chief Minister can learn from his predecessor then it is not to surround himself with the wrong people. And obviously it should be clear that Mr N Biren cannot afford to surround himself with the yes men and the ‘contractors’ who will be more than ready to say anything which will please his ears, while muddying the real picture. The point is, the new Chief Minister need to surround himself with the right men and not all the hangers on. Will make no sense if N Biren replaces the ‘Thoubal cabinet’ with a ‘Heingang coterie’. This is an important lesson which the Chief Minister can learn from his predecessor. The 15 long years rule of the Congress may be taken as the perfect reference book for the new Government and who better placed than the Chief Minister himself. N Biren should not belittle the importance of learning from the follies of the previous Government.

Source: The Sangai Express


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