1st ever – Meiraba bagged Bronze Medal in Senior International Badminton Tourney


Maisnam Meiraba Luwang with trophies he won previously.

Maisnam Meiraba Luwang, aged 14 years 4 Months from Manipur of India, after participating for the first time at the Senior Event in the Men’s Single Event as well as International Tournament, bagged 1st time Bronze Medal in the Open Men’s Single Event.

He participated YONEX-SHERA-ROZA-BTY International Championships 2017, which happened from 4th April till 9th April 2017 at Bangkok ,Thailand. The event was organised by Badminton Association Of Thailand under BWF/Asia Badminton.

Around 1400 players participated the tournament. Out of this, 128 players participated at the Men’s Single Event and 202 players participated under 17 Boys Single Event. These players were mostly Asian Countries.

Meiraba competed in Under 17 Boys Single. He lost in the  Quarter final against a Japanese player due to a muscular  injury.

Meiraba’s Results of Men’s Single Event
1st Round, Meiraba got BYE
2nd Round, Meiraba Defeated to PHAKORN CHOJPJNJT (Thai), Points – 21/11,21/15
3rd Round, Meiraba Defeated to PHATTI PHRATCHAYAPARA DORN (Thai Rank no 9), Points – 21/19,21/17.
4th Round, Meiraba defeated (Pre QTR) to WICHARAPONG KHARNCHANKEEREE WONG (Thai), Point – 21/13,21/13
5th Round in Quarter Final, Meiraba defeated to TUDSAPOL THAWORNWONG (Thai Ranks, Points – 21/10,21/15
6th Round in Semi Final, Meiraba lost to PRARJVAWAT THONGNUAM (Thailand Ranks no 1), Points – 12/21,18/21

Meiraba’s Results of Under 17 Boys Single Event
1st Round, Meiraba defeated to AROUNSAVATH SIPASEUTH (LAOS) Points – 21/3,21/9
2nd Round, Meiraba Defeated to PHAKORN CHOJPJNIT (Thai), Points – 21/9 21/9
3rd Round, Meiraba Defeated to PHRAT TANGSRIRAPEEPHAN,Thailand (Rank no 5), Points – 21/19,21/17.
4th Round, Pre-QTR final,Meiraba defeated to RAMESH ADARSH SUBRAMANIAM (INDIA), Point – 21/14,21/6
5th Round in Quarter final, Meiraba lost to UCHINO HARUTE (JAPAN ), Points – 21/19,21/18
(He lost to Quarter final , due to the Meiraba’s Stiffness Muscles)

Salam Bidyasagar

Another Manipur Player, A-
SALAM BIDYASAGAR , Under 17 Boys Single event, he lost in pre-QTR final

Detail Results
1st Round, SALAM defeated to ZHUANG HONGKAI (CHINA), Points – 21/6,21/17
2nd Round, SALAM Defeated to THANAPHAT PHURAESRI (Thai),Points – 21/11,21/18
3rd Round, SALAM defeated to THNANOON JJDJAIPUREE (Thai), Points – 21/7,22/20.
4th Round, Pre-QTR final, SALAM BIDYASAGAR, lost to KRITSADA GORAM (Thai), Point – 21/18,19/21,21/19

Another Manipur Player, B-

Yengkhom Punshiba

YENGKHOM PUNSHIBA, Under 17 Boys Single event, he lost in 3rd Round

Detail Results
1st Qualify Round, PUNSHIBA defeated to MANATAM KONRHANG (THAI), Points – 21/6,21/10
2nd Qualify Round, PUNSHIBA defeated to NOBPHAWJT ARUNPHANJITROED (Thai), Points – 21/9,21/12
1st Main Round, PUNSHIBA defeated to NARUESAED RAOED PONG (Thai), Points – 21/10,21/12
2nd Main Round, PUNSHIBA defeated JJTAT AEANSAKULRAT (Thai), Point – 21/2,21/3
3rd Main Round, PUNSHIBA lost to RAMESH ADARSH SUBRAMANIAM(INDIA ), Point – 21/14,22/20

They lost in the 1st Round to SJRIPOM K/PARAMED PROMSARIN, POINTS – 18/21,21/23


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