First National consultation of Kuki/Zo communities held


KANGPOKPI, Apr 30 : National consultation for reconciliation and on political issues of the Kuki/Zo communities was held for the first time today in Imphal.

The political consultation of United People’s Front with Zomi Council, Hmar Inpui and Kuki Inpi Manipur held at Hotel Imphal and attended by around 30 prominent leaders from the frontal organizations and 10 delegates of UPF.

During the meeting, ZDV chairman Kamkhanpao Zou hailed the representatives of the frontal organizations for their tireless contribution towards the welfare of the Kuki/Zo communities.
UPF convener Aaron Kipgen marked the day as a historic occasion for Kuki/Zo community in Manipur and stated, “We have come together to begin a National Consultation for reconciliation. Differences on ideologies and nomenclature within Kuki/Zo communities need to be resolved within the community and that time has come.”

“Our forefathers lived together as one, fought together against British imperialism from 1917-1919 in defiance of our ancestral lands in Manipur”, Aaron Kipgen asserted.
He also recalled, “After India attained independence, our forefathers under the banner of Kuki National Assembly submitted demand for separate State within the Indian Union on March 24, 1960 to then Prime Minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru.”

“However, Kuki/Zo people who contributed the most in the North East India for India’s independence remained neglected socially, economically and politically till today and it is this negligence on the part of the Government of India for sixty years that several tribes within the Kuki community even choose to proclaim different ethnic identity for political survival,” the UPF Convener asserted.

He further said that this is the failure of the Indian Government and we should collectively fight for our political rights and constitutional safeguard while adding that the BJP led Government in India is today taking up our aged political issue and two rounds of political dialogue have been already held in New Delhi to find an amicable solution.

BD Baite, chairman, Zomi Council, Lal Dawn Lien Varte from Hmar community and Khaimang Chongloi, Kuki Inpi Manipur also spoke at the meeting.

The meeting resolved to adopt two important declarations. First, Kuki/Zo communities are one and shall always remain under one common ethnic identity. Second, the step taken by UPF in beginning of the consultation on political issue is highly appreciated and the same should be continue in the presence of intellectual circle and other stakeholders in the near future.
Source: The Sangai Express


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