India’s eight-year-old limbo skating sensation glides into the record books


Limbo skating sensation Tiluck Keisam has broken his own record for the Farthest distance limbo skating under bars, after propelling himself a jaw-dropping 145 metres (475 ft 7 in) beneath poles just 30 cm high.

The eight-year-old from India has already won a number of medals in local skating competitions, but decided to take on the Guinness World Records challenge to inspire other young kids.

In the video below, Tiluck can be seen running up to the bars and then effortlessly lowering himself into a splits position in order to glide underneath them.

To achieve the record, he had to keep his hands and lower arms off the floor at all times.
Tiluck’s first record attempt in 2015.
Tiluck’s first record attempt in 2015

Tiluck started practicing roller limbo back in 2013 and went on to set his first record in the sport in December 2015 with a distance of 116 m (380 ft 5 in).

Limbo skating is a very popular sport with youngsters in India. In August 2016 we confirmed a new record for six-year-old Om Swaroop Gowda, who achieved a new record for the Farthest distance limbo-skating under cars (65.283 metres).
Source: Guinness World Records


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