Microscopic communities at the crossroads


Mr. Oken’s reflection. recently on the occasion of KYKL raising day celebration, on the metaphysics of Indian system and currently growing political scenario is quite insightful, pragmatic, scholarly, and also is containing crucial things/elements that stand to a certain extend of farsightedness. The phenomenal growth Hindutva politics – a quest for one nation, one identity, is a culminating majoritarianism and an onslaught against the existence of microscopic communities in India. These microscopic communities were once upon a time proud princely states, sovereign kingdoms, sovereign tribal nations, etc. Even since these communities merged with India under merger agreement, their proud identities and cultures – all their glorious past were reduced to invisible, insignificant and unheard communities in India. Indian system is inherently inimical to people of a place or ethnicities less in number and the system contains divisive elements to foment conflict between communities, tribes, and ethnicities that lead to the ruinous future of communities such as Manipuris, Nagas, Khasis, Mizos, Garos, Tripuris etc. Hindutva scheme is set to inject sectarian elements in all those proud and historical communities of unique identities to further divide them into smaller groups – a potential blow to cause the extinction of that identity and replace it by Hindu – Hindi identity. The venture may not be successful in State like India a state of nations, a land of diversity. But the attempt will take a toll to the health of this nation. Most unfortunately small communities in NE India are the most vulnerable. The symptoms are expressed today in Manipuri society that conflicts between ethnicities, tribes are on the rise. The 2000 years of the glorious past of the princely state characterised peaceful and harmonious coexistence of ethnicities and tribes of Manipur under several Meitei Kings never needed to impose one nation one culture ideology to protect and preserve the conglomerate and inclusive Manipuri identity. The seed of schism was sown since Mayang culture and religion was imposed and adopted in this land.

Ironically, Hindutva elements are wearing mask of “development” and have started intruding to the root of our society and luring away our people towards the currency notes coming from Delhi. The honoured royal King Sanajaoba Leishemba, who is considered to be symbol our great tradition, identity and culture; who is supposed to be icon of movement for the revival of our great identity lost to Mayang, has started sharing dais with VHP protagonists who campaigned among the Meiteis for reconciliation under Vaishnavism and working for pan Meitei consolidation under “Goura” religion. The most hated episode/chapter, considered by Manipuris, in our history such as the infamous puya meithaba is again likely set to repeat in Manipur. The stage is reached where we are at crossroads. We should retrospect and introspect to get our clear standpoint – whether to re-welcome the demons who did away our identity or work for restoring the past values that united the diverse communities and cultures in Manipur under a fabric of Manipuri identity.

The article was sent by Phundreimayum Irphan and he can be contacted at ahamed(dot)irphan(at)gmail(dot)com.


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