Police investigating Biren rival’s role


State police is investigating two individuals including the Congress candidate, N Ratan in Chief Minister N Biren’s constituency Heingang with regard to the threat on a Supreme court lawyer representing the late Irom Roger’s family.

The other individual is founder of Manipur Gun Survivors Network Binalakshmi Nepram.

She has alleged threat and harassment by Manipur state police yesterday as a police team came to on her parental house in Sagolband Nepra Menjor Leirak, Imphal.

She said, her team has been working for 10 years for women survivors of violence but this is first time ever that state police has intimidated her. She is the recipient of CNN IBN Real Heroes and Indian of Year Award for her work in Manipur with survivors.

Strongly condemning the incident she stated, “I strongly condemn the harassment given to me and my family members in ensuring justice and dignity of people of Manipur and urge Manipur government to immediately stop this wrongful harassment by Manipur state security forces.”

No question of threat: IGP Clay Khongsai

Meanwhile, the state police has clarified that there was no question of threatening or harassing of activist Binalakshmi Nepram and her family.

Police went to her house on 12 May as a part of investigation related with the case of threatening to a Supreme Court lawyer and has nothing to do with her activist work, said IGP.

IGP added that the IO of the case went to her house to take her statement as she was one of the persons who is acquainted with the lawyer and her statement is needed to clarify the matter of the case. But when the IO found out that she was not present at her house the former came back and there was no question of threat during the visit at her house.

Clay continued that earlier the IO went to the house of one N Ratan (Kapu) of Heingang regarding the case as he is also one of the persons who is acquainted with the lawyer, but IO found out that he was out of station and later visited Binalaksmi’s house.

He added that police have the right to enquire and take statement whatever required as a part of investigation of a case so the IO went to her house but there is no question of threatening or harassing anyone.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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