Social media rumour evokes panic buying of petrol


IMPHAL | May 22: Due to the rumours spread today on the social media about a new landslide in Nagaland along the NH-2, panic buyers of petrol in large numbers thronged most of the oil pumps in Impala area.

As a result of the panic buying the customers today bought petrol three times more than the daily requirement as stated by the officials of the IOC.

It may be mentioned that a land slide occurred in Nagaland along the NH-2 a week back, but a bypass road has already been made for vehicles transportation.

The Nagaland government had already passed an order to stop the heavy vehicles with weight more than 40 metric tons in passing the Laimati as more than 150 feet of the area has been sunk due to heavy rainfall.

But there will be no affect in passing petroleum convoy in that area as petroleum convoy weights only around 25 metric tons.

Speaking to the Imphal Free Press an official of the IOC said that the land slide which occurred a week back does not give any disturbance in the transportation of the petroleum convoy as the Nagaland government has made an alternative road.

The official continued that many petroleum convoys have arrived on May 20 and has left today for Assam and there is regular flow of the traffic.

The present stock of the petrol is 9 days, and the daily requirement is 160 kiloliters but due to the panic buying by the customers today 402 kiloliters has already sold by 4.45pm which is the stock of two and a half days, the official added.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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