State native finds place in global art market


IMPHAL, May 12: Suresh Huidrom, an artisan cum designer who hails from Manipur has made a promising mark in Novica which deals in exquisite products of talented artists, artisans and designers.
Novica has tied up with the National Geographic and it is dedicated to promoting artistic products produced by little known but talented artists, artisans and designers from across the world. Thus Novica has been providing the much needed platform to little known but talented artists, artisans and designers to show their talents and market their products at the global level.

Products selected by Novica are sold online, and exclusive webpages are opened for each product and their creators/modellers. In this way, Novica also serves as a platform for talented artists, artisans and designers to earn names in the world of art.

Suresh Huidrom is the eldest of six siblings born to Huidrom Iboyaima and Leibakleima of Khurai Salanthong. After graduation from Modern College, Suresh completed Diploma in Interior Designing at Bangalore before completing Master’s Degree in PGDM.

He opened a Hart Studio at Bangalore where he worked as a designer cum architect. So far, he has painted/designed more than 160 paintings/models. He started selling his products through the World Art Community, India.

A week-long exhibition ‘Finding Together’ exclusively for his products was held at Bangalore in 2016. In recognition of his exquisite works of art, Suresh Huidrom was awarded Asia’s Academic Excellence Award by the Exterior Interior Private Limited in 2005. This was followed by the Durian Society Interior Design National Award conferred by the Durian Society Interior Design in 2006.

In addition, he was honoured different prizes related with fine arts.
Suresh Huidrom participated in the Live Portrait Exhibition and one of his paintings (live portrait) was selected by the London National Portrait Gallery.

Suresh Huidrom said that his intuition toward fine art and his artistic talent are hereditary and he is always supported by his family in his artistic pursuits.

Expressing deep gratification at the acknowledgement of his works by Novica, Suresh Huidrom said that it may prove to be a trend setter for talented artists and artisans of the North East region. One major problem for the artists of Manipur is absence of market. “Fortunately, I’ve found a foothold in the global art market Novica and it would certainly breed new hopes in the minds of promising artists and artisans of the State”, he added.

Source: The Sangai Express


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