Bible allows us to eat beef, says Mizoram BJP chief


Beef may be an anathema for the BJP in the rest of the country, but there is nothing to worry about in Mizoram, State BJP chief J V Hluna has assured people in the State.

Amid the crackdown on cattle slaughter, Hluna said that there is no problem in eating beef in Mizoram as its consumption is allowed in the Bible. Mizoram has over 87% Christians and eating beef here is a norm.

Speaking to media persons, he said that people should not worry about central government’s notification on cattle ban. ‘I am aware about the recent government notification on cattle ban but I would like to clarify that as per bible eating beef is allowed,’ he said.
Allowed in Bible

When asked if central BJP would object over eating beef in the state, he said, ‘When our party president Amit Shah was in Mizoram, we asked him about the controversy over banning beef across India. He assured us there is nothing to worry and asked us to follow our tradition. And, as per bible and our tradition consumption beef is allowed.’

Source: Nagaland Post


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