Crucial period for parents/guardians : Posers while choosing next course


The current period is crucial. This is particularly true for parents whose children have just passed the Class X and Class XII examinations. Comparatively speaking the situation will be lighter for parents whose children have just passed the Class X standard, for they do not necessarily need to look beyond Manipur for their children to continue their further studies. The important decision at this point will obviously be the question of choosing the subject stream.

Here it is important for all to keep in mind that while Science stream does have a bigger scope, for students from the Science stream always have an array of choice to go in for professional courses after their Class XII stage, not all may exactly be cut out to take Science, however brilliant one might be.

Time for parents, elders and the students themselves to come to the point that there can be a career after opting for a course other than Science.

Commerce and Arts, the other two options, certainly have career options ahead and it certainly makes better sense to excel in either of these two options than by taking up Science and just about managing to squeeze through.

The point is, students should be given the choice to take the subject of their liking and brain washing them into taking something they are not at all comfortable with will defeat the purpose of education in the long run.

This point is crucial, very crucial and hope parents, guardians and elders come around to the idea that taking the child into confidence and having a straight talk with him or her would prove to be much more positive.

Now with the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) and the CBSE having declared the results of the Class XII examination, educational institutions from other parts of the country have descended on Manipur to woo parents and the students.

Apart from giving themselves wide publicity through the mass media, a number of local contacts have also been established.

Nothing wrong here, for this is an indication of how educational institutions are competing amongst themselves to woo the students.

However utmost care ought to be taken by the parents and elders while zeroing in on any institution for their children.

Is it recognised by the UGC and the All Indian Council of Technical Education, which ever may be the case, is a question which parents and elders of the family should not lose sight of.

What is the medium of instruction to the students ? How well equipped are the libraries ?

What is the strength of the faculty and how are the hostels run and managed ?

These are some rudimentary questions which all should be ready to raise at the time of seeking admission for their children.

These are all words of caution for the parents, and underlines the point of how important is it for parents to be aware of the reality.

In as much as young students need to be educated, it also stands that parents too need to be aware and this they can achieve by being inquisitive.

Source: The Sangai Express


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