Earth crack : Not volcanic, says scholar


IMPHAL, Jun 6 : Referring to the news report which appeared in this daily today that the earth crack developed in and around Kalikhola in Kangpokpi district slid more than 10 feet last night, Dr Th Ranjit, Associate Professor at DM College of Science has clarified that the sliding down of the earth crack and blocking of IT Road as a result are not related with volcanic eruption in any manner.

The Professor, in a statement claimed that the phenomenon is an effect of massive landslide triggered by heavy rainfall in the deforested hill slopes which are laden with thick soil cover.

There is no iota of truth in the existence of a dormant volcano in the Koubru range and its connection to the massive landslide that occurred at Keithelmanbi in 2004, he stated.
Such false alarm was also raised in the State Assembly on August 9, 1989 during the Chief Ministership of Late RK Jaichandra Singh when similar type of landslide took place in Longakoireng and Bungte Chiru, he recalled.

The Professor in his statement noted that there can be no volcanic eruption in the State and the country except in Andaman Islands.

Source: The Sangai Express


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