Food for thought for Class X students Not the end, just the start


This is for all the students who may be disappointed with their results in the just announced HSLC examination. This is not the end of the road, but the beginning. As with so many aspects of life, not everything will measure up to one’s expectations and it is the ability to take the shortcomings and find out ways to overcome that which should correctly underline the understanding of education. So take heart if you missed out on being in the first 25 position by the proverbial whisker or missed out on getting a first class. Life always offers the next opportunity and it is the ability to fully grasp the next opportunity that one should be concerned about. And as students, the ability to grasp the next opportunity should mean putting in more efforts. Not all may be gifted equally and so if X needs 2 hours to fully digest a lesson Y may need 3 hours. What is needed is the ability to understand this and the best option to understand this is to work harder. It also stands that the young students should digest the fact that not everyone can be measured by the same measuring tape. Therefore it stands that the brightest students are not necessarily the ones who scored a perfect 100 in Maths. Find your strength is the advice that The Sangai Express would like to give the youngsters and finding that strength means putting in more serious and sincere work. Being students this should obviously mean concentrating more in one’s studies. Class X is but just the first step towards the future and feeling defeated at this juncture just because one has not scored the expected marks will amount to starting the process of wrapping up one’s future.

A pass percentage of 66.7 is definitely an improvement from last year’s pass percentage of 65.4 but this is a reflection of the reality that much more needs to be done. Enough has been said about the continuing pathetic show of Government schools, but this is what has been reflected in the overall pass percentage. This trend is likely to continue, for remember not all parents are that well placed to send their children to private schools for here it is not just about meeting the tuition fees, which are much higher than Government schools, but also about keeping their children at par with the others, such as clothes, books and yes private tuitions. It is this which the Government should seriously study and see how Government schools can be made to perform better. Speaking about private tuition, it is heartening to learn that the first topper of this year’s HSLC examination, Priyanka Moirangthem, started taking private tuition only when she was in Class X. Here is an example to demonstrate that it is not only private tuitions which make a student stand out and this is a point which should not be lost on all the parents and guardians. As stated earlier, Class X is not the end but just the beginning and in as much as students who did not live up to their expectations have been urged not to think this is the end, it is also equally important for all those who have excelled to keep in mind that this just the first step towards their future and not lose sight of their goal.

Source: The Sangai Express


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