Incessant rain in last few days flood many parts, bridges washed away


IMPHAL, May 31: The incessant rain over the last few days following cyclone Mora has led to floods in most parts of the State due to rapidly rising water level of the rivers.

Taking note of the flood the State Government declared half holiday for all Government offices including Public Sector Undertakings/Corporations/autonomous bodies under the State and educational institutions today.

IMPHAL : Imphal river began to overflow near the NRL pump of Khurai Ahongei Leikai. The water also overflowed and flooded various parts of Khurai Thoudam Leikai. The Umang Lai temple of the area, which began its Lai Haraoba celebrations yesterday, has been completely flooded.

The river also began to overflow at various places near Lamlong bridge. Police personnel blocked the road from Hatta Minuthong to Khurai Lamlong to prevent vehicles and people from passing through due to the rising water level and the flooding.

The river also began to overflow at various places at the northern side of Lamlong bridge resulting in great inconveniences and hardship to the people. Even till 3.24 pm today, the river’s water level showed no signs of decreasing.

People were also desperately trying to prevent further damages at various places on the western side of Ningomthong where water seeping out of the grounds has resulted in heavy flooding. The surrounding areas of North AOC and the roads were also flooded due to the incessant rains and the overflowing river.

The water even reached Khoyathong traffic point which resulted in a huge traffic jam.
The eastern bank of Imphal river also overflowed at Mongjam flooding the nearby areas.
The condition is much worse at Kha Ningthoukhong where water began overflowing along the western banks of Imphal river with locals battling till now to control the flood and stop further damages.

Yaiskul Range Ground on the western bank of Imphal river also faced a similar fate with water seeping out from the northern side of the ground while the southern side sunk as a result of the flood. Even the retaining walls of the ground began to leak due to the rising water level of the river.

Imphal river also began to overflow and flood Yaiskul Janmasthan. On the other hand, the incessant rain and the rising water level has caused considerable damages to Sekmai Irrigational mini dam built over Imphal river.

In view of the present situation regarding the incessant rains and the resulting floods, Imphal East DC has notified the public about the opening of a control room for Imphal East in order to attend to emergencies and distress calls which can be reached at 9774231389 for Porompat subdivision, 9615435858 for Keirao Bitra subdivision and 9612284060 for Sawombung subdivision.

On the other hand, rising water level of Imphal river led to leaking and water oveflow on the western side of the river near Kekrupat, flooding the roads.

Thanga Part 1 former Pradhan, Oinam Mangi Meitei has conveyed that the strong winds destroyed many houses in the surrounding areas of Thanga village along with the nets and fishing equipment yesterday.

CHANDEL : A strong wind accompanied by heavy rain left a trail of destruction in Chakpikarong sub division, Chandel district today, conveyed a press release issued by general secretary of Anal Lenruwlt Tangpi.

Incessent rain in the past few days triggered flash flood and overflowing of Chakpikarong river which substantially damaged Chakpikarong bridge which is currently under construction.
Anal Lenruwlt Tangpi (ALT), Chakpikarong branch has appealed the authority concerned to look into the matter at the earliest.

On the other hand, the houses and properties belonging to one R Shatin Monsang of Liwa Khullen village, Chandel district were destroyed by cyclone Mora yesterday at around 12.30 am.

The victim has appealed to the authorities concerned to provide necessary aid and reliefs at the earliest.

Churachandpur : The cyclonic storm that hit the region in the past couple of days reportedly blew away at least 7 houses yesterday at Kangkap village under Singngat AC.
Sources said the houses were devastated around noon as the cyclonic storm along with heavy rain hit the village. As these houses are unfit to shelter human beings, the villagers with the assistance of nearby villages today erected makeshift huts for the seven families.
The people whose dwellings were destroyed have been identified as, Songkhopau, Thongkhangin, Paukhankhup, Kaizasiam, Nekthianlam, Phungkhopau, and Nengzagin.
THOUBAL and KAKCHING : Different areas of Thoubal and Kakching districts have been badly affected by flood including houses, fish farms and fields.

Sekmai river which passes through Kakching, Keirak and Wabagai overflowed and flooded nearby places and damaged many crops, plants and houses.
Wabagai Gram Panchayat Pradhan Yumnam ongbi Tampha Devi stated the heavy rainfall in the morning broke the 70 m long Sekmai river bank on Wabagai Tingel Leikai side and flooded 50 houses on the northern side of the river.

She further stated that several fish farms and 60 acres of rice fields worth Rs 8 lakh have been completely damaged by water.

Two areas in Wangjing including Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai and Khundrakpam Leikai were flooded due to overflowing of Wangjing river at around 6.30 pm yesterday.
Meanwhile, members of United Progressive Club, Wangjing and people of Wangjing Wangkhei began repairing the broken river banks to prevent further damage.

The local people have urged the State Government and the authority concerned to look into the matter. No casualty has been reported till now.

KANGPOKPI : Cyclone Mora accompanied by heavy rainfall also hit Kangpokpi district hard from last night submerging many paddy fields, landslides and washing away bridges in some places.

According to the district administration landslide occurred at 9 Miles along Imphal-Tamenglong road in Twilang area stranded many vehicles on either side of the road.
The district administration immediately contacted the Chief Engineer, PWD (NEC) over telephone and the blocked road has since been cleared with JBCs.

Another landslide has been reported at Changoubung village and Maohing Nepali village while several drainages have been blocked along National Highway 2 owing to minor landslides at various locations.

It was also reported that one Shaktiman has turned turtle and was washed away by the strong water current of Gundung (Imphal River) at Bimpaorao near Sapormeina.
A bridge constructed on the way to Motbung from Thomjang village located about 5 Kms from the National Highway 2 has been washed away in Saitu sub division while Sapormeina-Saikul Bridge over Gundung river near Chalkot village developed a crack at its base forcing the district administration to seal the bridge for the safety of the general public.

The Bailey bridge is an important bridge which serves as the only link connecting Saikul areas to other parts of the district where more than 10 passenger vehicles ply everyday from Sapormeina to Saikul.

Many paddy fields in Konghom area of Saikul sub division have been submerged while similar flood was also reported at lower Kalapahar.
United Welfare Committee (UWC), KSO Saikul and Konghom Area Youth Development Union (KAYDU) visited the inundated paddy fields in N Chalkot, S Bolkot and other parts of Konghom areas.

UKHRUL : The incessant rain has also caused immense hardships and inconveniences to the people of various areas under Ukhrul district.

According to our Ukhrul correspondent, one W Ayetsete (35) s/o (L) Misechulo from one of the villages under Jessami Block was swept away by the current of Thetsu river.
One of the water reservoirs at Shirui village got damaged due to the rain and the water from the reservoir has swept away one of the culverts along NH 102 along Jessami road cutting off the route between Raphei area (Northern Tangkhul) and the district HQs.

The heavy rainfall has also resulted in numerous landslides along the National Highway route between Lunghar and Jorcheng-Phangrei. The strong winds have also blown away the roofs and damaged some houses at Ukhrul town, reports our correspondent.

Source: The Sangai Express


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