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Langol Reserve Forest pine trees pose hurdles to power line

IMPHAL, Jun 20: Pine trees of Langol Reserve Forest have been posing hurdles to the power distribution line of Iroishemba power sub-station.

The power distribution line, known as DC feeder in short has been supplying power to Iroishemba, Lamboi Khongnangkhong, Samushang, Laishram Leirak, Takyel Khongbal, Lamphel DC office and many nearby Government offices and Courts after passing through Langol Reserve Forest from Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited’s (MSPDCL) Iroishemba power sub-station.

The same DC feeder has also been supplying power to the Minor Irrigation Department. Sometimes, power is supplied to RIMS from the same power distribution line.

Of the two electric transformers which are installed at the gate of Central Agricultural University which are fed power by the same DC feeder, one has been supplying power to the Iroishemba residence of Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar.

In short, the distribution line connected to Iroishemba power sub-station has been supplying power to some important places of Imphal West district.

As the distribution line passes through Langol Reserve Forest, it is often damaged by falling branches of trees and/or trees thereby sometimes disrupting power supply to public.
As a result of the heavy rainfall which has been lashing the State for the past two months, many pine trees fell upon the power distribution line, and many other trees are on the verge of falling upon the same power line.

Some pine trees fell upon the same power line during the past week and they were cut down by staff of MSPDCL.

Even though it is a reserved forest area, the fallen or slanting trees were cut without seeking consent of Forest Department as there were numerous complaints about disruption in power supply, informed a source.

Many more pine trees of Langol Reserve Forest would fall on the DC feeder if there is any more heavy rainfall.

There is a Forest Beat Office at Iroishemba but the staff posted there seem to be unaware about the possibility of many pine trees falling upon the power distribution line, said the source. As this reporter visited Langol Reserve Forest today, signs of damages done to the power distribution line by pine trees which fell upon it were seen.

Source: The Sangai Express



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