Let Biren build the Noah’s Ark


Now , the State is in a predicament. Decades back, it was experienced that the rains need to continue for nearly a week to make the belly of the rivers rise and later announce that the waters are flowing at a danger level.At present, flash floods are wrecking havoc. The public residing near the river embankments are now paranoid like before and rightfully so that the retaining walls will break soon. This is what the public has sensed and are now apprehensive. We have witnessed the effects of the Mora cyclone where the rivers rose overnight. We blamed that a cyclone is occasional. However, the previous day’s rain has been torrential and the rivers flowed un-checked with fury. The elements unleashed their fury to a certain apprehensive level. Here, the newly wed government needs to pay attention.
The Chief Minister and the concerned IFCD minister may well have taken into stock regarding the flash flood situation. But, much corrective works or shall we say repairs needs to be made in strengthening the river banks.

The monsoon season is still yet to come, and at the present situation forecasts. The rivers will again run wilder and the public along the riverbanks will still keep sleepless nights. The present flood situation is just a trailer of the film. The blockbuster is yet to be released.
Then, as the plebeians fear, a mother of an all flood situation may occur soon and if left unchecked, we have the government to blame. It is suggested that for the situation to be mitigated, all efforts cannot be spared to contain the forecasted flood scenario and acknowledge terms with Mother Nature and with due respect. As the adage goes, a stitch in time saves nine, so must the BJP led government stitch up the embankments . Further, the well read enthusiastic Forest minister Shyamkumar ought to make the World Environment Day perennial instead of a month. The deforestation in the hills needs to be checked and strong walls need to be built to mitigate the impending flood.

It may be said that the previous government has totally ignored all environmental protocols while indulging in more ‘profitable’ avenues. Contractors walled the earth of the local drains, dams built without assessing the damage to nature, the drains and concrete has been anathema to many. Some have shouted foul but it fell on deft ears. Now, the time of reckoning is at hand. Whether we prepare for the impending flood or not is left to the BJP led government. What some of us can do is prepare a Noah’s Ark in the meantime. Let’s prevent the Biblical flood.
Leader Writer: Paojel Chaoba

Source: Imphal Free Press


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