NPCC Statement, a political nonsense : NPF


The Naga People’s Front wonders as to what the president of NPCC, K Therie is trying to prove by continuously attacking the NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu who is also the Chief Minister of Nagaland.

The NPCC and its president has no moral right to grumble or question the decision of the NPF to maintain its alliance with the NDA or with any other party at the centre. Therie has absolutely no right whatsoever to question the NPF-led DAN government to support or not to support any body’s candidature in the forthcoming presidential election: The NPF doesn’t need the approval of NPCC to support someone’s Presidential candidature.

The NPCC president is well aware that NPF has always been an ally of the non-Congress national party since 1977 even before the BJP was formed and this alliance was renewed and strengthened in the early part of 2003 when in our state the non-Congress political parties formed the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland. Therie, who himself was once a Minister in the NPF-led DAN government, knows the principles of the NPF party. But strangely, he is now trying to decide for the NPF party who it should support for the Presidential election. Rather, Therie should display his political maturity and concentrate on how or what his party can contribute for the Presidential rather than wasting his time on nonsense activities such as poking his nose over the upcoming bye election issue which is purely the concern of the ECI. What did he gain by lodging complaints with the Election Commission of India?

Those leaders who hop from one party to another party at the snap of the fingers for their selfish gains should not, must not and cannot question the integrity and principles of NPF party, the party which has maintained its regional spirit since Statehood.

Reports appearing in the local media in recent times quoting the NPCC president and the party Media Cell hitting out at all and sundry for pointing out the misdeeds of the Congress in the several decades that it tried its utmost to ruin the country and the State, go to show the frustration and the desperation the party and its leadership has been encumbered with. Talk in the political circles in recent times is that the Congress party has lost precious marbles and that it is acting like a canine in need of vaccine more than political rejuvenation!

The NPF would like to remind the Congress party and its president that NPF, being an alliance partner of the NDA, shall continue to uphold the alliance principles, and shall not stop to throw stones at each barking dog but take the people forward to the destination of peace, progress and prosperity.

This Press Release was sent by Sebastian Zumvu, who is the representative of the Media & Press Bureau of Naga People’s Front, Central Office, and can be contacted at sebastian(dot)zumvu(at)gmail(dot)com.


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