Th Radhesyam visits SCERT, Education(S) office


Imphal, Jun 1 (DIPR): Education Minister Th Radheshyam today visited the Directorate of State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and Directorate of Education(S).
He also held a meeting with the officials at Lamphel wherein various topics on how to improve the prevailing conditions of the education system of the State were discussed.
The Minister said salary for teachers and student scholarship are two major concerns that needed to be redressed as soon as possible.

He assured the salary of the teachers and scholarships of the students will be sanctioned on time. For timely sanction of the fund allotted, he will discuss with the Chief Minister.
For employees and teachers on attestation/deputation in the offices, he asked the officials to find out their requirements and make sure their necessities are available and to encourage them to discharge their duty productively.

He suggested appointing of officials who can guide the public in addressing their problems and grievances in the official work. This will help in building a good relationship with the public.
To fasten the official procedures and for better functioning, suggestions were brought up for the need to distribute the work load evenly among the employees and officials.

He emphasised on the need to set a time frame for various departmental related work like pension services, posting/ transfer related file processes of the employees and MGEL service.
Such task should be completed on time, he strictly warned. He expressed his desire to set a goal for improving the performances of the Government high schools and higher secondary schools.

The newly appointed Director of Education (S) Th Kiran Kumar Singh also suggested the need to digitalise all the service records of the teachers and the employees.

He said this can improve the functioning of the department, stop manipulation of official records and lessen the activities that involve corruption. Promotional avenue, rules and regulations for the promotion of the staffs were also minutely discussed in the meeting.

 Source:The Sangai Express


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