UNC’s calls 12-hr total shutdown on June 18


SENAPATI: United Naga Council (UNC) Thursday announced a 12-hour ‘total shut down’ on June 18 in ‘Naga inhabited areas’ in the state from 6 am onward ‘in support of the Indo-Naga peace process’ and for accelerating the Framework Agreement to its logical conclusion at
the earliest ‘based on the unique history of the Nagas and situation’.

According to publicity wing of UNC, Nagas have been defending their land against any forces attempting to intrude without consulting the Naga people since time immemorial and thus, it is the obligation of every generation to uphold this position.

UNC also maintained that it took the decision to call bandh as it thinks that their ‘land, identity, history, tradition, culture and time honoured institutions are not secure under the present political system’. However, religious events, water supply, electricity, telecom, medical and media will be exempted from the purview of the total shutdown, it added.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


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