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Acknowledging EMRS, Kpi : Breaking Imphal monopoly

Don Bosco, Maram and now Ekalavya Model Residential School, (EMRS) Kangpokpi.

An indication that producing meritorious students need not be only the schools located at Imphal.

What makes EMRS, Kangpokpi all that more unique is that it is a Government school and its stupendous showing in the just announced HSLC exam should be seen amid the all round decay or pathetic show put up by the more fancied Government schools, especially those located in the valley area.

If Don Bosco, Maram has been holding the beacon for the educational institutes of the hill districts down the years, then EMRS has recently emerged as the school to keep it company and this portends well for education, especially for students from the hill districts.

There is a lesson to be learnt from the excellent showing of these two institutes and EMRS should be seen as the model for other Government schools of follow and see how closely they can follow.

The record should speak for itself.

Established in 2015 and just two years after its establishment, EMRS has been able to steal the thunder from the other Government schools in the State.

Just take a look at the record. Of the 25 students who appeared for the HSLC exams this year, all passed in the first division.

Four students emerged as subject toppers and top this off with the fact that there were students who secured letter marks or 80 and above percent marks in at least two subjects and clearly good schools need no longer be the monopoly of the valley area.

This is good, for too long all the good shows in the Class X and Class XII examinations have come from schools located in the valley area.

It is heartening to note that Chief Minister N Biren has already acknowledged the good showing of the students of EMRS in the HSLC examination by awarding two students who secured the 2nd and 6th position, among Government schools.

Pat the good show. This is welcome, but how about thinking of a way to penalise Government schools which fail to even have a student passing the Class X exams ?

Correction-not the schools but the teachers posted at the schools, whose primary duty is to teach and guide the young students ?

The Sangai Express does not believe that schools like EMRS manage such a good show because their teachers are better qualified.

No, this cannot be the answer and the answer will obviously lie in the fact that these students have done well because the teachers at this schools know that their duty is to teach and guide.

It also stands that these schools, especially Don Bosco, Maram, have been able to script success each year because they remain cut off from the disturbances all around.

A sure indication that in as much as it is important for teachers to teach the youngsters in the school, society too should reciprocate and ensure that nothing comes in the way of the academic pursuit of the students.

Let the awesome show of EMRS inspire the other Government schools and let others take a leaf out of this institute.

The teachers and management of EMRS too should not lose sight of the fact that they have to keep on putting up the good show or else their good showing this year may just be called a fluke.

Source: The Sangai Express



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