BJP resolves to safeguard territorial integrity


Imphal, July 23 2017: BJP Manipur Pradesh executive committee has adopted a resolution to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur .

A meeting of the executive committee was held today at Hotel Classic Grande and it was attended by many key leaders of the party including BJP Manipur Pradesh president and MP K Bhabananda, Chief Minister N Biren, BJP Manipur in-charge Praful Patel and Works Minister Th Biswajit .

Addressing the meeting, N Biren claimed that the hill-valley unity was endorsed when the State Assembly adopted a resolution to uphold the integrity of Manipur in front of NPF MLAs even though a large section of people were asking the coalition Government to keep out NPF on the suspicion that they may work for disintegration of Manipur .

Reacting to people who have been questioning BJP’s performance after their declaration that BJP would accomplish in 15 months what the previous Governments could not in 15 years, Biren claimed that the incumbent Government has accomplished many works during the last 3/4 months which could not be accomplished during the past 15 years .

The previous Government did not build bridges.

It did not lay a single stone for construction of an RCC bridge at Makru along Imphal-Jiribam highway .

Nonetheless, after the BJP-led coalition came to power, people have seen piles being bored for construction of three bridges .

People’s trust in the new Government and the new-found meaning of having an elected Government cannot be credited to the Chief Minister or the Ministers .

The immense popularity being enjoyed by BJP in Manipur should be credited to party workers, he said .

Expressing sorrow over fresh inundation of several areas in Moirang, the Chief Minister pointed out that water being drained into Loktak Lake is not fresh but stale and contaminated

At such a situation, BJP youth should go to the field and help the flood affected people.

This would ensure success in elections without canvassing .

“The Government has already announced that corruption and bribery would not tolerated,” he continued .

“People are closely watching the Government and we, Ministers, are also working with deep respect and fear of public so as to avoid any mistake”, Biren said .

He then called upon all the Ministers and party leaders to understand that it is the primary duty of the Government to serve people, provide free LPG connection to women, construct houses for people who cannot afford their own houses and provide free health care facilities to poor who cannot afford medical expenses.

Source: The Sangai Express


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