EGM, MHJU urge for welfare measures


Imphal, July 11 2017: Appealing for a slew of welfare measures for the journalist fraternity of the State, the Editors’ Guild Manipur (EGM) and the Manipur Hill Journalists’ Union (MHJU) have submitted a memorandum to the IPR Minister .

Informing that EGM has identified a site for Press Park at Heinoubok, Patsoi in Imphal West, the memorandum urged the IPR Minister to initiate land acquisition process at the earliest .

The EGM and the MHJU do not have their offices at Imphal, it said and appealed the Minister to make necessary arrangements so that the two organisations can open their offices at the State capital .

When journalists from the hills and other outlying areas visit, they have to spend nights in hotels thereby causing many hardships, EGM and MHJU pointed out .

Then they appealed to the IPR Minister to make necessary arrangement for a transit rest house for journalists coming from far off places .

Allowing one-time exemption and enrolment of all journalists for pension scheme is another appeal of the two organisations .

Highlighting the recommendations of the Majithia Wage Board and the compulsion made by the Supreme Court, EGM and MHJU urged the State Government for adoption of Manipur Government Advertisement Policy under which every programme/policy/achievement of the Government is advertised through media.

It also urged the Government to grant subsidy on power and transportation of newsprint and other printing materials.

Pointing out that accreditation cards issued to deserving journalists are limited to two and five per media house at the moment, EGM and MHJU appealed to the Government to increase the number of accreditation cards to three and seven per media house .

Prompt clearance of Government bills through DIPR within two months of submission of bills was another appeal highlighted through the memorandum .

It further urged the IPR Minister to station language translators at DIPR head office.

Source: The Sangai Express


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