Henglep patients : Rain hampers evacuation


CCpur, July 28 2017: Incessant rain has reportedly hampered evacuation of more patients from the disease ridden Henglep area even though two Shaktiman trucks dispatched last night by SDO Henglep has reached the sub-divisional hqtrs around 8 am today.

The evacuation team which will be assisted by the local residents have conveyed their inability to reach out to the peripheral villages which are located in between 8 and 15 kms and need to be reached on foot under the persistent rain.

Henglep SDO Seilenmang later today told The Sangai Express that the evacuation teams are scheduled to leave Henglep with more patients than expected .

The Shaktimans were in fact dispatched last night to evacuate around 25 ailing men and women of Najang village who are said to be much more severe than the 41 who were evacuated yesterday .

Ailing patients numbering anywhere between 60 and 100 from Ainujang, Khanpi, Thinghijang, S Khonom, and Vongmol will be evacuated along with those from Najang .

Najang, which is at the centre of the disease according to its chief, has 45 houses but interestingly has a healthy population as the Upper Primary School in the village is attended by over 175 children from the village alone.

Source: The Sangai Express


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