It is BJP and BJP all over : Silence of the Congress


The BJP led Government seems intent on being in the limelight.

A point which can be easily discerned from a look at the daily newspapers published in Imphal.

It must be the same thing in the district headquarters too, particularly Churachandpur which is the second capital of Manipur as far as newspaper houses are concerned.

In fact so intent is the BJP in being in the limelight that reporters from the Directorate of Information and Public Relations, (DIPR), are now being deputed to cover all the tours of the 12 people in the Council of Ministers.

So now there are reporters from the DIPR attached to the office of the Chief Minister and the other Ministers.

A good development, one might add, for keeping the people in the loop on what the Government is doing is a good step to keep the people informed.

A point which did not register in the mind of the Congress at all in its 15 years in power here.

And this is where one might question the utter silence of the major political parties in the State.

It is a coalition Government and there are some parties which are supping with the BJP, so expecting these parties to question the BJP led Government is out of the question, but what about the other political parties which are not part of the BJP led Government.

Where is the Manipur People’s Party ? Where is the Aam Aadmi Party ? How about the Left parties ?

More importantly why has the Congress given the impression that it has gone into a shell ?

Where is former Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam who used to come out with gems which the newspapers loved to quote ?

Granted the Congress has been picking holes in the claims of the BJP, but something more is expected.

It may be a political ploy but one expects the Congress to be more active as the main Opposition party for this would surely send out the signal that the BJP cannot do as it pleases.

Is the Congress satisfied with the manner in which the BJP led Government has responded to the flood situation in the State ?

Is it satisfied with the manner in which the National Food Security Act is being implemented across the State ?

How about the roads and bridges ?

Granted this is not the working season, but still the Congress may play its role as the main Opposition party more vocally.

By this one is not implying that the Congress should indulge in non sensical lung power but give some food for thoughts to the people.

How about the media in Manipur ?

Is it doing its work as it should be or is it just satisfied doling out the statements issued by the DIPR on behalf of the Ministers on a daily basis ?

Manipur needs a strong Opposition, not only in terms of numbers in the Assembly, but a thinking and active Opposition, which can effectively point out the short comings of the Government.

And the Congress is well placed to do that.

Something more is definitely expected from the party which gave the Mahatma, Tilak, Gokhale and other towering leaders to the country.

Can the State unit of the Congress live up to the billing of the main Opposition party, is the question now.

Source: The Sangai Express


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