JNIMS doctor clarifies


Imphal, July 27 2017: Reacting to the allegation about the removal of kidney from one patient Elangbam (o) Esheihanbi of Hiyanglam in a operation related to stone case, Dr N Jitendra Singh, the surgeon who performed the operation today clarified that the kidney of the patient had to be removed as it (kidney) was severely infected and as a life saving procedure .

The kidney was removed in the best interest of the patient, who was also hypertensive after it was found that the substance of the kidney was poor.

The kidney was removed as a life saving procedure.

The matter was informed to the patient party after the operation, Dr Jitendra said while adding that it was very unfortunate that things reversed now.

Clarifying the allegation by DESAM, Medical Superintendent of JNIMS, Dr Ranbir said the family of the patient had lodged a complaint with him saying they were not given prior information that the kidney of the patient would be removed.

Dr Ranbir said that acting on the complaint of the patient party, he had sought a report from the surgeon who performed the operation.

The next day, the surgeon submitted his report and furnished that the family members were told one day before the operation that as per ultrasound report, the kidney of the patient was severely infected and had developed cyst which may require removal of the right kidney in the operation.

During the operation, it was found that the kidney was severely infected and the kidney was removed as a life saving procedure, the MS said.

Dr Ranbir said that a patient’s kidney can be removed as life saving procedure even without giving prior information to the patient.

There is no reason to give punishment to the doctors even for removing kidney as life saving procedure as per a standing Supreme Court ruling.

Source: The Sangai Express


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