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Kamjong poised to become tourist hotspot

Imphal, July 24 2017: Wuya Kuchui at Shingcha under Kamjong district, located about 88 kilometres from Imphal, is poised to become a tourist hotspot due to a specific variety of flower plant known as Wuyawon which blossoms every year in the month of July covering its hills .

Speaking to The Sangai Express, a villager of Shingchai said that the Wuyawon flower is pinkish in colour and blooms beautifully at around the month of July .

The flower acquires a pale pinkish colour while in the sun and regains its beautiful lively pink when covered with clouds .

By trekking around two kilometres from Shingcha to Wuya Kachui, tourist can witness hundreds of Wuyawon flowers in full bloom and covering the hills, he added and pointed out that people from different parts of the State and tourists have started coming to the area for its beauty .

The villager conveyed that the place was opened to visitors and tourist on July 22 and many came to see the beautiful Wuyawon flowers and the serene hills .

Any visitor desiring to visit the place needs to be prepared with raincoats, umbrellas and proper warm clothing as the place is usually covered with clouds and occasionally rains .

The Wuyawon flowers began blooming at the hills around two years ago and cattles and other animals usually refrain from eating the flowering plant.

The Wuyawon plant also cannot grow in places which is densely populated with other plants, the villager added .

He pointed out that the population of Wuyawon rapidly increased after the cattles ate up most of the grasses and plants which were preventing the flower from growing freely and added that visitors who come to see the beauty of the place need not worry about food and accommodation as the villagers have made the necessary arrangements for visitors and tourists.

The hills covered with Wuyawon flowers are slowly attracting visitors and in the near future it may become a tourist hotspot and bring fame and recognition to the State in the same way as the Dzuko valley and the Shirui Lilies.

Source: The Sangai Express



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