Nagaland: Resolutions of NPF Legislature Party Meeting



1. A meeting of the Legislature Party of NPF was held at 1100 hours on 29.7.2017 at State Banquet Hall, CM’s residence, Kohima.

2. The meeting took stock of the political situation in the State since Shri T.R. Zeliang, the Leader of the NPF Legislature Party took over the reins of the Government in the State. The meeting was particularly concerned with the precarious condition of the NPF party in the hands of Dr.Shurhozelie Liezietsu, the President of NPF, who has driven a deep divide between the organizational wing and the legislative wing of the party for his selfish ends.

3. The Legislature Party of NPF, after due deliberations, passed the following resolutions:

(i) Taking note of the autocratic style of functioning of Dr.Shurhozelie Liezietsu, President of the NPF, in expelling/ suspending elected MPs and elected MLAs, in an indiscriminate manner in bulk numbers, to stifle the voice of the people as resides solely in the elected members, without a show cause notice to them, without following due procedure of law and without observing the principles of natural justice (See Annexure I for details),

Taking note of the fraud Dr.Shurhozelie Liezietsu has committed in mutilating the Constitution of the NPF by adding words and additional sentences that have not been authorized to be inserted in the Constitution of the Party at any General Convention, which is the sole authority to amend the Constitution, in order to position himself in the party in an unquestionable and unbridled manner (See Annexure II for details),

Taking note of the fact that Dr.Shurhozlie Liezietsu’s undemocratic attitude came to fore, when he refused to face the House and also refused to resign from the Office of the Chief Minister but came to be dismissed as Chief Minister by the Governor of Nagaland,-

Recalling the unanimous decision of the undersigned NPF MLAs on 19.7.2017 demanding the immediate resignation of Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu as President of the Party (Annexure III – Press Statement), and

As the undersigned NPF MLAs have fear and anxiety that the continuance of Dr.Shurhozelie Liezietsu as the President of NPF would invite further destruction and dismemberment of the Party, at various hierarchies, thereby endangering NPF Party and NPF Governments in future especially in this election year;

We the undersigned NPF MLAs hereby resolve that DR. SHURHOZELIE LIEZIETSU, is asked to step down as President of the Naga People’s Front within FIFTEEN DAYS of this Resolution:

We the undersigned NPF MLAs also resolve that all rank and file of NPF leaders, workers, bodies are hereby advised not to follow any orders of DR. SHURHOZELIE LIEZIETSU as he has already COME UNDER CLOUD AND UNDER THE PROCESS OF REMOVAL FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, NPF, AND SINCE THE ABOVE RESOLUTIONS HAVE THE SUPPORT OF NPF Leaders, workers and bodies from 36 Assembly Constituencies out of 47:

We the undersigned NPF MLAs further authorize Shri T.R. Zeliang, the Chief Minister of Nagaland & Leader of the NPF Legislature Party to forward these resolutions immediately to the Election Commission of India informing the Commission about the factual situation in the Naga People’s Front.

In token of having affirmed the above resolutions, we the 36 NPF MLAs affix our signatures hereunder:
SI. Name of MLA
1. Shri T.R.Zeliang
2. Shri G.Kaito Aye
3. Shri Imkong L. Imchen
4. Shri Tokheho Yepthomi
5. Shri Y. Patton
6. Shri Kipili Sangtam
7. Dr. Neikiesalie Nicky Kire
8. Shri E.E.Pangteang
9. Shri Kejong Chang
10. Shri Neiba Kronu
11 Shri Noke Wangnao
12. Shri S.I.Jamir
13. Shri Pukhayi
14. Shri S.Pangnyu Phom
15. Shri C.M.Chang
16. Shri Nuklutoshi
17. Shri Deo Nukhu
18. Shri Naiba Konyak
19. Shri C. Apok Jamir
20. Shri Pohwang
21. Dr. Bejongliba Aier
22. Shri Merentoshi Jamir
23. Shri Hukavi Zhimomi
24. Shri Shetoyi
25. Shri B.S.Nganiang

This Press Release was sent by Mediacell CMO Nagaland, who can be contacted at mediacellcmonagaland(at)yahoo(at)com.


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