Need a strong Opposition : Noting the stand of Cong


A strong Opposition. This is what the State needs today and why the Congress need to be strong.

And perhaps no other party will know this better than the Congress itself.

Ironic it is but the Congress must surely know how it was to govern without any Opposition worth its salt in its 15 years in power on the trot here and more particularly after the 2012 Assembly election when it decimated all the other political parties to comfortably romp home with 42 MLAs after the election.

That its strength increased to 47 after five MLAs who were elected on the MSCP ticket merged with the Congress is another matter, but the need for a strong Opposition is what the State needs today.

This is where the stand of the Congress on the 100 days celebration of the BJP led coalition Government gains significance.

With an effective strength of 22 MLAs (six have defected to the BJP led coalition Government), the Congress still has the number of take the fight to the BJP or in other words, to point out any ‘hollowness’ in the claim of the BJP Government.

And this is what was sought to be done when the Congress Legislature Party took it upon themselves to puncture the claim of the BJP Government in its first 100 days in office.

This augurs well for the State for this is a loud statement that there is always the Opposition to point out any loopholes in the claims of the Government.

And this is where the BJP is expected to be more sincere and at least acknowledge the point that any project that was started during the time of the Congress is thus mentioned.

Giving credit where it is due and it will not erode the credibility of the BJP in any way.

This is about the need of a strong Opposition. Not that the Congress played by this rule during its days.

But keeping in mind the interest of the people and the State, it is always a good thing to have a strong and effective Opposition.

The Congress surely does have some MLAs in its kitty who can take the fight to the BJP and it is only right that such personalities are given the opportunity to pick holes, if any, in the plans and claims of the BJP led Government.

By virtue of being the biggest Opposition party, one expects more from the Congress. Not that it should bow down to the level of punching below the belt, but take the fight at a level where it will be fruitful to the people.

In Gaikhangam, the Congress has an orator who can demolish any tall claims of the Government.

In senior leaders like former Chief Minister O Ibobi it also has a master strategist and in Kh Joykisan it has a young man who can go all the way.

A party which has ruled Manipur the longest period of time and given political leaders like Rishang Keishing can certainly do better.

A strong Congress will mean a stronger Manipur and this is what is good for the people and the land.

Hope the message is not lost on the Congress leaders of the State.

The BJP too must be grooming their set of leaders, people who can fire the imagination of the people.

This is what is needed or else Manipur will experience the days when the then Congress Government virtually had no opposition and this did not augur well for the people.

Source: The Sangai Express


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