Ongoing dialogue between NSCN (IM) and GoI Naga leaders optimistic of solution


Imphal, July 13 2017: Many Naga leaders are now optimistic that the political dialogue going on between the Government of India and NSCN-IM would finally arrive at a solution shortly .

With the Government of India fully convinced that NSCN-IM is one of the biggest armed insurgent groups of the North East region, New Delhi attaches great importance toward reconciliation with the rebel group .

Even though there were numerous reports about the political dialogue arriving at a solution, any solution has remained elusive so far .

After the ceasefire agreement was signed on July 25 1997, with the truce pact signed on August 1, 1997, Congress and its allies came to power at the Centre and they remained at the helm of affairs for a long period.

Many Naga leaders thought that the Congress-led Government was one primary reason for the failure of the two parties to work out a solution .

Now, BJP-led NDA is now in power at the Centre.

Moreover, there is a BJP-led coalition Government in Manipur too.

This has fuelled many speculations about a possible solution to the GoI-NSCN(IM) political dialogue .

The new-found optimism of Naga leaders was reinforced by the signing of the Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015 .

It is reported that hectic mobilisation has been going to find a solution to the political dialogue.

Meanwhile, many Naga political leaders have certain grudges against the United Naga Council (UNC).

In spite of the grudges, finding a solution to the protracted dialogue process is one common desire of the Naga political leaders, the UNC and the Naga people .

On the other hand, Chief Minister N Biren launched a ‘Go to Hills’ campaign under which he went to Ukhrul, Senapati and Churachandpur, and announced separate economic packages for the first two districts .

Yet, the hearty welcome extended to Chief Minister N Biren when he visited Ukhrul and Senapati cannot be linked with the yearning of the Naga political leaders, the UNC and Naga people for an early solution to the political dialogue.

One Naga political leader, on condition of anonymity, told The Sangai Express that hectic mobilisation has been going to enlist finding a solution to the dialogue process by August 3 this year as one common demand of Naga people .

Naga people have suffered too long and it is their common desire to work out a solution to the political dialogue at the earliest, said the leader .

Certain ambiguity seems to have shrouded the UNC since sometime back, remarked the Naga political leader .

The third Naga People Convention held on July 1, 2010 adopted a decision in the form of a declaration to sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur .

Subsequent upon the declaration, the demand for alternative arrangement was raised before the Government of India .

The UNC’s economic blockade imposed against creation of seven new districts which lasted for more than 100 days was lifted after the BJP-led Government was established .

Moreover, NPF’s L Dikho who is a Minister of the incumbent Government went to Kangpokpi and announced that large amount of funds would be sanctioned for development of Kangpokpi district which implied that the BJP-led Government has no intention to revoke the previous Government’s order of creating seven new districts .

On the other hand, there was nothing new in the economic packages announced by Chief Minister N Biren.

All the projects were already there, said the Naga political leader .

If all political ties with the Government of Manipur have been severed, there is no meaning in holding tripartite talks repeatedly, he asserted .

All such dealings were known to all the people.

Now, the Naga people are not sure whether declaration to sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur still stands or not.

As the Naga people have suffered too much for too long, they now yearn for a solution to the GoI-NSCN(IM) dialogue process as soon as possible regardless of whether the solution is big or small, added the Naga political leader .

On the other hand, one key leader of the UNC who is also a champion of the campaign for alternative arrangement asserted that the declaration to sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur still stands .

Severance of political ties does not encompass development works.

As such, there is no harm in implementing development programmes .

The declaration of severing political ties is a much bigger issue compared to the issue of creating seven new districts.

The declaration is based on the greater Naga issue, said the UNC leader .

Even if new districts are created, it requires approval of the Government of India as per Article 3 of the Indian Constitution .

As the seven new districts have not been approved by the Government of India, UNC does not recognise them, he added.

Source: The Sangai Express


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