Putting SoO in the limelight : Killing under SoO pact


Abrogate SoO pact. Powerful statement indeed and coming from no one less than the Chief Minister himself it should be clear that this may be more than just a threat to the SoO outfits to rein in their errant cadres.

That the announcement of the Chief Minister came just a day after a KNA cadre shot dead a school going girl at Moreh makes the announcement all that more significant.

A point which should not blow over the heads of the leaders of the KNO and the UPF, the two umbrella organisations which are party to the SoO pact with the State Government and the Centre.

A sharp reminder to all that just as in war, during peace time too, the responsibilities of all is immense.

One cannot have the cake and eat it too, is the message that should not be lost on the cadres of the outfits which are under the SoO pact.

Would be disastrous for the people, especially the Kuki people, if the SoO pact is withdrawn, for remember the political dialogue held under SoO is progressing, though it may not be to the satisfaction of either side.

And remember too the SoO pact did not come that easily.

First signed between the Kuki armed groups and the Centre in 2006, the State Government came into the pact only in 2008 when it came to the point that negotiation is better than confrontation.

The State Government first did not sign the SoO pact in 2006 on the ground that it was not taken into confidence, but two years later it did sign the pact and the sense of peace that prevails in the Kuki dominated region should be seen against this backdrop.

In as much as the SoO outfits should be pilloried for breaking the ground rules of the pact and allowing its cadres to move around with arms, serious questions ought to be raised on the conduct of some of the law enforcing agencies which directly monitor the SoO camps.

What or who allowed the SoO cadres to move around with arms and in the process shoot civilians, this time a school girl ?

A result of the politics of utilising the services of the SoO groups for short term measures ?

This is a question which only those directly responsible for overlooking the designated camps of the SoO groups can answer.

Moreover are the designated camps actually being utilised for the reasons under which they were set up in the first place ?

These are questions which the State Government should raise to the Centre and their armed agencies.

Chief Minister N Biren should also realise that it will need more than tough talk to rein in the erring cadres of some of the outfits which are in peace process with the Government.

Who or what are the factors responsible for some of these cadres to freely move around with arms ?

A question which can be answered only when all those directly involved in the process lay their card on the table.

After all SoO was signed on behalf of the Kuki people and no outfit or some senseless cadres should be allowed to derail the peace process.

Make an example out of the KNA cadre who shot dead the school girl at Moreh. This would be in the right line.

Source: The Sangai Express


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