Search of old track made during WW2 near indo-burma border in ukhrul district lands in Pushing/Chingshou Village – Part 1


In search of the old track made during WW2 in Ukhrul District, came across a village named as Pushing/Chingshou Village.

One of the villages where Japanese Troops lands their first steps in Manipur from Burma during WW2.

About 125 km from Imphal, passing through rough and narrow road from Shingcha Village, with breath taking landscape, there lies Pushing/Chingshou Village.

During the WW2 Japanese troops passed through the village and still, the tales can be heard from the survivors of the war who are now very old, who have helped the Japanese troops carrying their goods.

The old track which was once used for transportation still exists but not in vehicle used condition except for tracking through the woods.

Many exotics flowers even bloom amongst the high mountain of the Pushing Village which is not yet ever been seen by the outside world, hidden deep inside.

Pushing village has around 1560 households which are home to the people of Tangkhul Naga tribe. The majority of the villagers are Christians. Agriculture is the primary occupation of the villagers.

The village is well known for its scenic natural beauty.


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