Setting a bad precedent


Unceremoniously showing the exit door. Setting a bad precedent

The BJP led Government may have a reason, but in unceremoniously removing O Nabakishore as the Chief Secretary, it is certainly setting a bad precedent. Perhaps this is the first time that the State Government has removed a sitting Chief Secretary and replaced him by another official and this must be all that more unacceptable to Nabakishore so much so that the IAS officer has deemed it better to resign from service.

he development is sure to leave a bad taste in the mouth of everyone. The Sangai Express will not get into the argument of whether it is better to have a Manipuri as the Chief Secretary of the State or not, but let it be clear that removing a Chief Secretary so unceremoniously does not cast the BJP led Government in any good light. Not surprisingly the people of Ningthoukhong, the natal place of Nabakishore, have risen as one to come out against the decision of the Government and this very much says how the action of the Government has shocked the sensibilities of the people.

Not a good precedent at all. Remember the Chief Secretaries immediately before Nabakishore, Jarnail Singh, DS Poonia and PC Lawmkunga all completed their tenure and retired from service as Chief Secretaries. This is what all Government employees would want-that is a dignified exit from service, but in unceremoniously removing him from the post of Chief Secretary, the BJP Government did not even bother to give him a fitting farewell. This is unacceptable.

The stand of The Sangai Express has nothing to do with the fact that Nabakishore is a native of Manipur and a son of the soil. Rather it is against the manner in which an officer of the rank of Chief Secretary has been removed so unceremoniously. Decorum and decency, this is what is starkly absent in the decision of the Government and this is what is not expected from a Government which rode to power raising allegations against the former Congress Government. Moreover can the decision to remove Nabakishore be said to be taken in the larger interest of the people ? No way. Nothing to indicate this. This is not to say that the new Chief Secretary, who has been named in place of Nabakishore, RR Rashmi will not be able to deliver the goods.

Far from it, he may surpass all expectations within the short tenure he is here as the Chief Secretary but this is besides the point. What is central to the commentary here is the conduct of the Government. In brusquely removing Nabakishore, one cannot help but notice a haughty streak of the BJP Government and this is what is hard to digest. Haughtiness and good governance cannot go together is a point which Chief Minister N Biren should take to heart. This is not the way to acknowledge the long years of public service of a civil servant. And remember too that Nabakishore is the second Metei to crack the IAS examination after RK Phalguni.

Source: The Sangai Express


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