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Shingcha Wuyawon

Botanical name – Caulokaempferia Secunda
Family – Zingiberaceae(ginger family)
Synonyms – Monolophus Secunda, Kaempferia Secunda
Local name – Shingcha wuyawon

“Shingcha Wuyawon is a new ground orchid, a pink flower which grows and covers a stretch of low hillocks of Mount Wuya kachui of Shingcha Village of Ukhrul District of Ukhrul.

Wuyawon is named after the mount-Wuya kachui and Awon means flower.

Legend repeats that during the time of war the villagers would return and camp at the mount. Whenever they camp on this mount, the people resting there experienced sleep paralysis/nightmare and the name thus was given.

Shingcha village is 2 hours drive from Ukhrul district headquarters.

The villagers of Shingcha village came up with the official name of the pink flower, a rare kind of ground orchid as Shingcha Wuyawon on 24th July 2016.

The name is given after Mount Wuya kachui which is home to the flower. Earlier the mount was known as Hoyang kachui but they decided to change it to its original name

Shingcha Wuyawon blooms during the month of July, only.”


Photos by: Laishram Ranbir

This Article was sent by Rambo Mangang , who can be contacted at rambomangang(at)gmail(dot)com.



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