TNL president visits landslide hit Hungpung


Ukhrul, July 10 2017: President of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) V Weapon Zimik along with the Headman of Hungpung village Peter Wungngayung, VAs and the locality chairman today visited the landslide area at Chiyaatung Dungrei Hungpung, Ukhrul to conduct a ground survey and assess the damages caused by the heavy, torrential rain.

The landslide occurred on July 7 .

The houses of five families (AS John, Robert, Ningreihor, Alex and Yarmazum) were completely destroyed while the family members have been evacuated to other places while the houses of Omega, Mess Jajo, Lovejoy, Honrei, Ngatangmi, Peter, Ngalasui and CS Ambrush had sunk more than one foot and developed cracks making them unsafe for the family members to continue living there.

Talking to this correspondent, headman of Hungpung, Peter said that the area is prone to landslide .

Adding to the people of the locality since there is no proper drainage system, water from the Ukhrul-Imphal road flow into the area, aggravating the situation and causing landslides .

He said about people of about 40 households who reside in the area are in a vulnerable condition .

The landslide also destroyed one paddy field and standing crops.

The chairman of Chiyaatung stressed on the need to construct strong retaining walls .

The Ukhrul-Imphal road running through Hungpung village slipped down due to the landslide at Chiyaatung Dungrei Hungpung on July 7 .

The TNL president assured the locality that he will approach and pressurize the State Government and district administrator to provide necessary relief assistance at the earliest.

Source: The Sangai Express


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