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UADC Chairman Y Ngalung resigns

Ukhrul, July 27 2017: Ukhrul ADC Chairman Dr Yaronsho Ngalung has resigned as the Chairman of UADC and is awaiting the acceptance of his resignation.

According to reliable information, Dr Yaronsho Ngalung submitted his resignation letter to the Governor via the Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul on July 24 .

However the Chairman is yet to receive the acceptance letter of his resignation.

With Yaronsho Ngalung submittiung his resignation letter, some NPF councillors have already started lobbying for the post of Chairman, seeking the support of their colleagues to back them .

On the day that he submitted his reignation letter, Dr Ngalung convened an emergency meeting inviting all the NPF ADC Members, said sources .

During the meeting, he personally expressed that he will resign from the post of Chairman adding that the same has been conveyed to the president of the NPF State unit.

Recently a celebration was held at Ukhrul town to mark the completion of two years of the Ukhrul Autonomous District Council under the leadership of Dr Yaronsho Ngalung.

According to unofficial sources, some NPF councillors lodged a formal complaint against Dr Yaronsho Ngalung during the month of May urging that he be replaced.

The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) had also declared social boycott of the UADC Chairman in the same month, due to some communication gaps .

Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul, Harmit Singh refused to comment when this correspondent raised a few questions on the resignation of the UADC Chairman.

News of the Ukhrul ADC Chairman resigning was, however, the hot talk in Ukhrul town and it spread all over the place in no time.

Unofficial sources said that two NPF Executive Members (EM) and another councillor are lobbying for the post of Chairman.

However, it is expected that NPF leaders will intervene and a new Chairman is likely to be chosen on the consensus of the NPF ADC Members.

The party high command is likely to accept the resignation of Dr Yaronsho Ngalung.

Source: The Sangai Express



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