Water levels rise, rivers overflow, many areas flooded


Imphal, July 12 2017: Even though water levels of Imphal River, Kongba River, Nambul River and Thoubal River receded a little, the water levels have started rising slowly again because of the rainfall which lashed the State yesterday .

With the water levels once again rising steadily, most rivers are flowing at the same level as the adjoining roads.

Imphal River and Kongba River are overflowing their embankments at some places .

According to information received from IFCD’s Flood Control Room, water levels of most rivers including Imphal River, Nambul River, Thoubal River, Kongba River and Manipur River have risen today as compared to yesterday .

Water level of Imphal River recorded at 6 pm today are 786.49 m at Minuthong and 783.150 m at Lilong bridge.

For Iril River, it is 787.740 m at Irilbung Bridge .

Nambul River recorded 782.575 m at Thong Nambonbi while Thoubal River reached 781.600 m at Thoubal bridge .

Water level of Manipur River reached 770.02 m at Ithai barrage whereas Nambol River recorded 773.100 m at Nambol bridge .

It is reported that Manipur River has reached danger level at Ithai Barrage .

As compared to yesterday, rainfall rate is much higher today.

Rainfall rates recorded at some places yesterday and today are 14 mm (16 mm) at Raj Bhavan, 15 mm (18 mm) at Lamphelpat, 17 mm (25 mm) at Kangpokpi, 11 mm (15 mm) at Saikul and 25 mm (36 mm) at Litan .

At the moment all the five gates of Imphal Barrage are open while four gates of Ithai Barrage are open.

Yet, with all the rivers in spate, the flood situation has not improved.

Imphal East and Thoubal districts are worst affected by the current spell of flood .

Water levels of Imphal River, Kongba River and Iril River which flow through Imphal East district remain quite high.

As such, water which has been flooding roads, paddy fields and households cannot be drained out .

At Khurai Ningthoubung, Imphal East, Imphal River has been overflowing its bank across the adjacent road.

Likewise, Kongba River has been overflowing its bank at some places of Kongpal.

People were seen reinforcing relatively low embankments using earth-filled cement bags so as to prevent leakage or overflow of flood water .

Flood water has been flowing over roads at some places of Khundrakpam too .

Meanwhile, the office of Imphal East DC office has been paralysed completely as the whole office complex has been inundated .

Imphal River has been overflowing its bank at Iramsiphai too .

On the other hand, many low-lying areas of Langol Tarung in Thangmeiband, Imphal West including Grace Colony, Salem village, Happy valley, Rem Colony, helmets of Neikanlong-Sinam Leikai, and other pockets have been inundated .

Many structures like portions of RNBA Centre Church, KRBCA office premises, Little Angels School near Central School, Overcomer Rehabilitation centre, Makam Post (vernacular local newspaper), Sharon Industry and more than 50 dwelling houses of Grace Colony have been reeling under flood .

SAI complex at Takyel has also been flooded.

Source: The Sangai Express


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