Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink… Amid flood, drinking water scarcity hits valley


IMPHAL, Jul 6: Amidst the flood that hit the State following torrential rain, scarcity of drinking water has surfaced as people of the State particularly the valley districts are facing an acute shortage of clean water supply.

Meanwhile, officials of Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) have appealed to all to use drinking water thriftily.

Talking to The Sangai Express, Additional Chief Engineer of PHED, Loktongbam Swamikanta said torrential rain in the State has triggered flood and landslides causing untold misery to the people.

Now people of the State particularly valley districts are facing problem due to acute shortage of drinking water as low lying areas remained submerged by flood water, he said.
He appealed to all concerned to use drinking water thriftily supplied by the department through water tankers.

During normal times, water from Iril River is supplied to the people after undergoing treatment at Porompat Water treatment plant. However, due to overflowing and breaching of river banks of Iril River at several places, routine water supply through pipes from the water supply scheme has been stopped as the area remain submerged.

Nevertheless, the Department has deployed three water tankers for supplying drinking water to many places in Imphal East district. These tankers have been supplying drinking water from Porompat Water Supply scheme to many places like Wangkhei Ramji Relief Camp, Bamon Leikai, Ningthem Pukhri road, Ayangpalli road, Porompat Ananda Singh Hr Sec Academy road, Nongmeibung Primary School relief camp and WUC premises etc.

Meanwhile, the Canchipur water supply scheme — which supply drinking water supply to some pockets of Thongju area, remains dysfunctional as of now. Likewise, Ningthem Pukhri water supply scheme remains dysfunctional due to submergence of the area by flood water.
Drinking water is also supplied through Koirengei water supply scheme.

For any emergency water supply, SO of Porompat Water Supply scheme can be contacted through mobile phone number 9774274659.

At the same time, one Tata water tanker is supplying drinking water from Khabi water supply scheme to Wangoi, Samurou and some parts of Imphal West district, according to the Addl CE.

Drinking water is supplied from Khangabok water supply scheme to Lilong Haoreibi Makha Leikai and Lilong Haoreibi Awang Leikai in Thoubal district.

Thoubal water supply scheme would be made functional from tomorrow.

Since water tanker cannot make its way to Maibam Uchiwa area in Thoubal district as the area remain submerged by flood water, the department has provided chlorine and others chemicals to people of the area for water treatment, he added.

One water tanker has also been deployed to supply drinking water from Phubala water supply scheme to Nambol, Sanjenbam, Pukhrambam, Maibam Chingmang, Moirang, Panshang, Moirang Lamkhai and Ushoipokpi in Bishnupur district, he said.

Source: The Sangai Express


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