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We need to start male empowerment

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam

If a man gets kicked by his wife then he becomes a laughing stalk but if a woman gets kicked, he will be charged with violence against women. If a girl whistles at a boy, she is called a brave girl but if a boy does it, he will be charged for molestation. If a boy touches a girl in anyway he wants during Holi festival, the girl enjoys the festival of colours but if he does the same in off festival seasons, he will be charged as a rapist, and the girl will say one thing, “Ei gi ejat mang nge.” And I wanna say something here, “Nupi gi ejat sey yaosangdadi discount leibra.”

Girls get more molested in pubs then the molestation that happens elsewhere, but there is hardly any cases of molestation in pubs but after coming out of the pub. So molestation is hardly physical but mental, it’s just that she have to look if she wants to be touched by that particular boy or not, if yes, that’s massage, if no, that’s molestation. Me and my gender holders are being told to respect women by getting up from our seat in a bus whenever a lady enters, to empty for them. But in defence rules, it happens for with the entry of officers or the boss. Are women the boss? If yes, then why they keep shouting that, they need equal rights. Oh! Yes I understand, we need to empower males to be same with women.

Instead of shouting for equality, they should shout for equity or justice. And if males and females are same, why my mother always tell, “ask you father,” for anything that I want. My mother never taught my sister to speak soft, love makeups, wear girly dress, loves to be shy, talk less in front of strangers, wants to be with family and blah blah blah, my mother didn’t teach all that but she acquires because she is female, and that’s natural. But some queens are trying to shout that girls are same like boys because MARY KOM can beat 90% of the males. That’s funny. 99% of the girls want to be girls, but that one percent is trying take the issue somewhere else. I respect my mother because she is my mother not because of her gender.

All this rape, molestation and so on is not an issue of gender, is not something to say that women are looked down. I have no disrespect for women community but earning respect through gender will get you nothing but a bad husband. If you think women are tortured, what about males, dying everyday, killed everyday, contemplating suicides because of family pressures. Who talks about them? If a boy dies? None of the media talks, but if it’s for the other gender, they will make documentaries just to earn TRP. Who is actually getting the benefit? Males or the females? Do you want to know the truth? Females are getting all the benefits in the name of not getting any benefits and males are just the fools who will keep quiet because if we talk, they will say we are gay, or “nupa na bu wa aduk yamna ngangba.”
Do you know how many males are giving up their dreams and working day and night for their boss and children, why? Because they are male, males have to do everything. I am not sure which Gender is suffering for real.

My father works like hell, giving up his aims, quitting everything that he wrote in his dairy, just to make my family have two squares of meals a day like everyone. And my mother keeps complaining that she is being tortured whenever my father gets angry. She never asked my father for why he is angry but for how can he be angry to a woman. This happens with almost all the families. Males are ATM cards for the family who will get complain letter from females with the subject, “why did you mary me if you can’t even feed me?,” or in local, “natu thak pa ngamdana nayum keigi panli.” Are we marrying to feed them? No but to work together.

Women say that their domestic works are never known or complemented by this society, but this is the hottest topic for this present era. Everyone says that no one says, is that making any sense. I mean everyone talk about their domestic work in the name of no one talks, but what about that donkey who works day and night? He is male, he should be strong, he is born to die earning.

When a single mother works to feed her children, she will be even telecast in worlds biggest medias but what about these millions of single fathers who are in hell position, trying to feed his young ones? No one talks because he is male. What is exactly going on? Gender is the reason but not the person. Gender is more disgusting than religion seriously.

Even if I say so, I am still scared of fighting with a girl because she is not he and he is not allowed to fight with she because he should respect she not because she is respectable but some leaders told that he should respect all the she even a fool.

(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at birkarnelzelzitthiyam3073@gmail.com; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @birkarnelzelzit thiyam.)

Source: The Sangai Express



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