Biren vows to shift away Joint Interrogation Cell from Kangla


Imphal, August 13 2017: Chief Minister N Biren Singh has said that some militants of the State will approach the State Government for peace talks in the next two/three days.
He made the statement at the Patriots’ Day function organised at Bir Tinkendrajit Park today.

Speaking at the event, Biren said that similar to the progress made between the Central and State Government with various Kuki revolutionary groups and with associations such as the UNC, some militant groups will be coming over-ground to start a peaceful dialogue with the State Government in the next few days.

Expressing concern at the instances of violence by resorted to by students during protests, he urged all those concerned to refrain from using the students, who are at a critical juncture of their lives, as a tool for pressuring the authorities and added that all issues can be solved through peaceful dialogue.

He also appealed to the people to refrain from launching blockades, bandhs and other forms of protest explaining that the State has become the focus of investors based outside the State as well as tourists in recent times.

Biren also appealed to the people to give some time to the new State Government as it is still in the process of building up the foundation of the State.

The State Government has taken up plans to shift away the Joint Interrogation Cell from Kangla immediately to preserve and protect Kangla and its surroundings and if need be, the eastern gate of Kangla will also be opened, Biren said and added that the authority has started consulting experts regarding the matter.

Speaking about the demand raised by the Home Guards, Chief Minister N Biren said that there is no harm in giving the remuneration demanded by the Home Guards.

But the State Government is not in a position to provide the remuneration the Home Guards are demanding on account of the sick financial condition of the State.

Due to rampant recruitment by the previous Government and the regularisation of many employees, the State has incurred a debt of around 400-700 crore rupees.

He appealed to the Home Guards to bear with the State Government for some time until the situation improves and assured to increase the remuneration by Rs 1000-2000.

The Chief Minister urged those concerned to give some time to the State Government to do the needful to eliminate their hardship.

Source: The Sangai Express


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