Coming out against party hopping :: Ibobi bang on target


Coming out strongly against party hopping and former Chief Minister O Ibobi must surely know what he was talking about when he lashed out at politicians who have been party hopping, especially after the recent Assembly election result was announced.

Just take a look at the statistics after the result of the recent Assembly election was announced.

Congress emerged the largest party with 28 MLAs but it was BJP with 21 MLAs which managed to form the Government.

Other than the tie ups with other political parties such as the NPF and the NPP, the support extended by some rogue Congress MLAs certainly went a long way in helping the BJP reach the magic figure of 31.

As things stand today, at least 7 Congress MLAs have switched sides to the BJP led Government and herein lies the double faces of some of these political leaders.

Aptly fitting the description of ‘wake up as X, have lunch as Y and then go to bed as Z.’

The point of the former Chief Minister is noted and here lies the question of how many of the BJP MLAs are originally from the party.

At the same time, it should also be noted that the former Chief Minister cannot be said to be entirely free from the tag of supporting party hopping.

Remember 2012, when even after returning with a massive figure of 42 MLAs in the election, the Congress did not stop 5 MSCP MLAs from merging with the party in power.

If this is not party hopping, then what is, is the natural question that follows.

And if at all anyone has benefited immensely from the stringent anti-defection law then it is O Ibobi himself.

Remember how the then BJP led NDA Government came out with the stringent anti-defection law when the Congress Government here under O Ibobi was tottering with many Congress MLAs having set up rebel camps at Delhi and Kolkata.

Now with at least 7 Congress MLAs having switched to the BJP led side, the State can surely witness a series of by elections in at least 7 ACs anytime soon.

This is where the voters will be put to test for any election is much more than testing the candidates in the fray but also a test of the mentality of the people who get to vote and decide who should represent them.

Do they want the same MLA who has cheated the verdict of the people or do they want a change.

This is an important question for remember the same MLA who did not think twice before switching sides, will not hesitate to change again, not for the people but for their own selfish agenda.

Prostituting the verdict of the people, may too harsh a term to describe the conduct of these people, but this comes close to the reality.

After all it boils down to the fact that the verdict of the people has been sold out for power and the perks that come along with being in power.

This is also a clear indication that to many of these so called elected leaders, the fact that they can still do so much even while sitting on the Opposition bench has refused to sink into their mentality.

Power at any cost is what matters to them and with such a mindset, how can people trust them to serve the interest of the people and the land.

Source: The Sangai Express


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