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Do not roll back : Kpi bodies

KANGPOKPI, Aug 11: Even as the tripartite talks between the United Naga Council, Government of India and Government of Manipur on the district creation issue was set to start at Senapati district headquarters today, hundreds of people of Kangpokpi district took out a rally to demonstrate its stand against any decision to roll back the decision to create seven new districts last year.

Hundreds of people lined up along the Trans Asian Highway No 1 passing through Kangpokpi this morning displaying their strong resentment over the UNC’s strong demand that the Government roll back the newly created district including Kangpokpi.

The stand of the people of Kangpokpi was seen by the Government delegates while going to Senapati district headquarters to attend the tripartite talks.

Braving the downpour along the highway, the participants held giant banners embossed with the slogans, “No roll back of Kangpokpi district, No alteration of boundaries”, etc. while placards which read, “Kangpokpi district for administrative convenience and justice”, “No roll-back of Kangpokpi district”, “No alteration of Kangpokpi district boundaries”, “Kangpokpi district is Sadar Hills”, etc. to greet the participants of the tripartite talks.

Men and women from all communities of the district including Kukis, Meeteis, Nepalis, etc. lined up along the highway and raised slogans, like “No roll back of Kangpokpi district, No alteration of its boundaries” when the delegates were passing through the town.
All business establishments at Kangpokpi town remained closed during the lightning rally which began from 8 am and continued till 1 pm.

Kuki Students’ Organization (KSO), Sadar Hills, president, Thangminlen Kipgen handed a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister of India to be submitted through Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary (NE), Ministry of Home Affairs and Chief Minister of Manipur through Chief Secretary RR Rashmi who led the State Government side in the tripartite talks and to Agriculture Minister, V Hangkhanlian and TD Minister, N Kayisii, who participated in the tripartite talks.

The memorandum stated that Kangpokpi district was created on 8 December, 2016 by the State Government for administrative convenience. However, there is the constant threat that the Government may be forced to roll back the decision to create Kangpokpi district and this has made the people uneasy, it added.

It also said that Kangpokpi district was created after a long suffering with “our sweat, blood and tears for the sake of administrative convenience and development. Therefore, the politicization of the creation of the district by vested interest, spearheaded by United Naga Council (UNC), is uncalled for” said the memorandum.

“The guiding principle on which the district was created had nothing to do with ethno-centric politics and was never based on such guidelines”, it asserted.

The memorandum which was signed by Seikhomang Khongsai, president, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi district and Thangminlen Kipgen, president, KSO Sadar Hills urged the Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Manipur to intervene in the matter to safeguard the newly created Kangpokpi district and ensure that there is no roll back or alteration of its existing boundaries.
Speaking to media persons Thangminlen Kipgen, while handing over the memorandum to V Hangkhanlian and N Kayisii said that people of Kangpokpi district are very much pleased with the Government for creating Kangpokpi district for administrative convenience and development.

He continued that the people of Kangpokpi district stand firm and added that undue interference from external agencies to roll back the district creation issue will not be tolerated at all.

“You have given the district and officially declared it and we sincerely thank you for that and there should not be a question of roll back”, asserted Kipgen while adding that no roll back of Kangpokpi district or alteration of its existing boundaries are the last words of the people of Kangpokpi district. A giant banner emblazoned with the words, “No roll back of Kangpokpi district, no alteration of boundaries” greeted the talk delegates at Gamgiphai, the entry point of Kangpokpi district from Imphal while similar banners were put up at Taphou Kuki, the ending point of the district along the highway.

Source: The Sangai Express



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