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Haoshim “Heritage home” adorns Ukhrul hamlet

Ukhrul, August 13 2017: A skilled craftsman from Sihai village in Ukhrul has constructed Haoshim (Tangkhul Traditional Heritage Home Museum) to preserve the traditional tools/items used by the forefathers for different purposes and occasions.

55 years old K Ringkahao of Sihai Khullen has collected household items, tools, implements, costumes, Tangkhul traditional items for the Haoshim at Sihai village.

According to him, he has identified more than 85 items regularly used by the forefathers.

Out of the 85 items, 40 items are already available in his home museum, some of which are sculptures made by him while some ornaments, traditional crockery items etc made from ceramic were collected from different sources.

The items which he has made include basket, Hoka, Khoram (Mug) Vaichum (container) shield, cow bell, tool and implements etc.

Ringkahao alone constructed and designed the Haoshim (heritage museum) on a stylish totem pole called Lengcheng while the main door (Khamrei in Tangkhul) has an embossed and printed design of an animal skull.

The craftsman dwelt on the need to preserve the beautiful culture and traditional costumes of the Tangkhul people.

Losing our valuable assets amounts to losing our identity, he maintained.
He recalled and regretted the loss of his valuable door frame, designed and embossed with beautiful paintings, which was inherited from his great grand father.

The priceless antique was bought and taken away to Nagaland, he said.
Later, he realized the value and the importance of preserving inherited antiques.
With his skill in woodwork, he made a giant cot/bed from a tree called Samkok in Tangkhul in 2001 measuring 7 feet in width and 12 feet in length with 6 legs in 2001.

It took him 18 months to finish making the bed without any assistance.

His other sculptures include plates, spoons, wooden seats, wardrobes, spears, baskets, pestles etc.

Apart from his skill in woodcraft, Ringkahao is a renowned folk dancer and folk singer.
He said his dance troupe has performed at the different National level traditional dance festival.

Ringkahao has 6 children.

Source: The Sangai Express



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