Japan offers tech assistance


Imphal, August 03 2017: The Government of Japan has offered technical assistance in implementing certain projects in Manipur in 2018.

Under its technical cooperation programme, the Government of Japan wrote to the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs offering technical assistance in certain areas.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Finance wrote to the State Government inviting proposals from its different departments to avail technical assistance offered by Japan.

The technical cooperation project is an initiative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Under this project, Japan would provide technical assistance starting from planning level to implementation.

JICA would provide technical cooperation in three forms like holding technical training at Japan, the nomination of experts to the State and extension of technical assistance from planning level.

Japanese experts would be sent to the State to share their experience and technical know-how.

All the expenses entailed in the technical cooperation project would be borne by the Government of Japan.

The Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs Under Secretary wrote a letter to the State Government last month inviting proposals for projects which may be implemented with technical cooperation of Japan.

Some areas where Japan has been providing technical assistance to developing countries are solid waste management, water scarcity, teachers’ training, welfare projects for disabled people, augmentation of farmers’ income etc, informed a source.

Source: The Sangai Express


  1. Good but as long as the money sanctioned and project is not used and implemented sincerely, any assistance might not result better output. If all projects are implemented sincerely, the road of Imphal could be quite near quality as in Tokyo, or London. It is a matter of culture… Culture of curruption, extortion, lack of sincerity among officers, public etc. When the project of this technical assistance comes, I am sure someone’s pocket will be filled. Rule of thumb.


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