Nursing Aides in Singapore (20 Nos)



Position: Nursing Aide


Responsible to : Director of Nursing/Nurse Managers
Immediate to : Staff Nurse / Enrolled Nurse

44 hours per week (1 day off per week as per roster)
– Shift duty according to nursing roster
– Meal Break: 30 minutes
– Tea Break: 15 minutes

1. Healthcare
– Escort the residents to and from the hospital/clinic whenever necessary.
– Take and record temperature, pulse and respiration.
– Drape residents for various types of examination.
– Administer enemas, perianal care and other treatments as directed.
– Apply hot and cold compresses.
– Keep record of residents’ food intake and output as ordered.
– Dress wound ulcers.
– Administer medications, dressings, special treatments, exercises, and other nursing services as prescribed, and requisite drugs from pharmacy.

2. Hygiene
– Assist with showering of residents:
 Ensure residents’ privacy
 One resident at a time
 Toilet him/her, shower & dry him/her, assist with dressing, attend to teeth and hair before returning him/her to bed/sitting room.
– Assist residents who have problems with mobility ensuing appropriate transfer and “lifting’ techniques are employed.
– Toilet residents 2 hourly or as required.
– Change diapers at specified time and when necessary.
– Give bedpans and urinals when needed.
– Clean and/or sterilize bedpans and commodes each time they are used.
– Change any resident who is wet and dirty.
– Cut finger and toe nails as required.
– Care of residents oral and dental hygiene incudling denture care and mouth toilet as directed by Staff I/C.

3. Nutrition
– Supervise and serve food to residents at bedside or dining areas as required
– Report any problems to Staff I/C.
– Ensure residents have plenty to drink.
– Collect dishes after meals for transport to dish room. Clean pantry dishes as required.

4. Exercise
– Assist ambulant/semi-ambulant residents to walk.
– Take non-ambulant residents for walk in a wheelchair.
– Passive exercises with those non-ambulant according to ward schedule.
– Help to exercise the chronically ill residents under the supervision of the physiotherapist.
– Encourage residents to participate in activities

5. Housekeeping
– Make the beds, bed sheets to be changed weekly or whenever wet or dirty.
– Wiping of residents lockers. Mop floors whenever necessary.
– Collect, sort laundry and put them away in linen cupboard when required.

6. Programs
– Assist in recreational and social programs.
– Ensure resident is aware and guided to all social, recreational and spiritual program activities, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

7. Report
– Report and record any changes in behaviour or general conditions on nursing progress notes.
– Report and record any accidents or other incidents on specified forms.

8. Adhere to the nursing home’s policy on confidentiality.
9. Observe and work within the policy, philosophy and procedures set out within the nursing home facility.
10. Be a good steward by ensuring appropriate use of equipment and resources.
11. Attend staff meetings whenever possible and actively participate in communication processes.
12. Participate in staff development programs.
13. Keep Nursing Care Plans up-to-date daily.
14. Any other duties consistent with total care of residents and as directed by the in-charge pf the section or nursing home.


Job Title : Nursing Aide
Qualification : Dip (GNM) or BSc (Nursing)
Normal Work Hours: 44 hours per week; one off-day per week
Off-Days : 52 days per year
ShiN Work: 3 rotating shiNs
Contract period : 2 years renewable
Lodging: Free accommodation in nursing home’s dormitory
Food: Free food to be consumed within the Dining Hall as per schedule
Basic Salary: $550 per month
Overtime: Eligible; 1.5 times the normal rate
NightshiN allowance: Eligible; $10 per night
Paid Leave: Total of 32 days per year (incl Annual Leave, Public Holidays and Out-Pa6ent Medical Leave)
Paid Hospitalisation Leave: Additional 46 days (if required)
Uniforms: Provided and must be worn at work
Provision of one free return air-ticket: Eligible upon completion of contract
Medical and Dental Benefits: $300 per year
Personal insurance Coverage Eligible
Workmen Insurance Coverage Eligible

Employer: A Christian-run Nursing Home in Singapore
1 Attend to residents’ request promptly
2 Assist in serving of meals
3 Carry out basic nursing, hygiene, li?ing and transfer and health care routines and assignments as
4 Ensure the wards are neat and tidy
5 Escort residents out for appointments or outing and prepare the residents in advance. Work with staff
nurse on booking of ambulance and nurse escort
6 Make periodic rounds and checks to ensure residents are comfortable and response to resident’s call bell
7 Report to your immediate supervisors if any abnormalities are seen
8 Provide good care and service to the patients and their visiting family members
9 Perform any other assignments as given by immediate supervisors

On-boarding process of new Nurses to Singapore

The 2 best days for nurses to arrive into Singapore are: Tuesday and Wednesday.

The preferred timing for the nurses to arrive in Singapore is from 7 am to 10 am in the morning.

The following will happen when the nurses arrive in Singapore:

Day 1:
a) Morning: SINGAPORE PARTNER Pick nurses up from airport
b) Morning: SINGAPORE PARTNER bring nurses for simple breakfast at Tekka Market. Orientate them to Tekka market.
c) Morning: SINGAPORE PARTNER bring nurses to the clinic for medical check up before noon.
d) Noon: Clinic attendants bring the nurses to the over night lodging and have lunch
e) Noon: Clinic attendants will bring the nurses to buy phone card to call back their family members
f) Night: Nurses have dinner and stay overnight/rest at the lodging area

Day 2:
a) Morning 10 – 11 am: Agent receive confirmation that the blood test are good
b) Morning: Agent make online booking to Ministry of Manpower to make Work Permit Card
c) Lunch: Nurses have lunch at the lodging area and are sent to the clinic
d) 2 pm: Agent collect report from the clinic
e) 2 pm: Nurses are picked up from the clinic and brought to the Ministry of Manpower
f) 3:30 pm: Complete the process to make work permit cards
g) 4:30 pm: Nurses are brought to their work place.

Between Day 7 to 10:
Nurses will visit the Ministry of Manpower to collect their work permit card
Nurses will visit the bank to open their bank account for salary credit.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What are the Job options available in Singapore?
Answer: Currently, we have position in Nursing Homes in Singapore. We are associated with 5 Nursing Homes. All Saints Home (4 centres), Peace Haven, Ling Kwang, NTUC (3 centres) and St Andrew’s Nursing Home (3 centres)

Question: How legitimate are the Nursing Homes?
Answer: They are all legitimate. One can visit their website for further clarification. We have demand letters from these Nursing Homes and you can contact them to check if there have indeed appointed our partner Focus Search Services to recruit nurses for them.

Question: How can I apply for the job? What are the requirements?
Answer: You can apply the job by sending us
– your resume (with information including your height, weight, BMI, religion, diet)
– passport copy (photo and details page)
– work experience letter from all employers
– educational certificates from secondary, higher secondary and GNM or BSc (Nursing)
– The candidate should have a good command over English
– Minimum 1 year working experience in a hospital with more than 100 beds,
– Single
– Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery or Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

Question: How it is like working for a nursing home in Singapore?
The nursing home in Singapore is different from a nursing home in India. In only offers long term Geriatric Care to the elderly. The nursing homes in Singapore do not have operating theatre, surgical ward, pediatric ward or maternity ward.

Question: What is the difference in nursing work in Singapore and India?
In Singapore, the nurses in medical and surgical ward provide basic nursing care to all patients. There are no healthcare attendants who will help in bathing and cleaning the patients. As such, in Singapore you will need to bath and clean patients every day.
In Singapore, the work culture stresses a lot of teamwork. As such when you’re bathing or cleaning a patient, there will be other nurses who are there to help you.

Question: What will be the salary?
Answer: Your salary will depend on the Nursing Home you are selected for. The salary will range from 30,000INR to 40,000INR per month approximately.

Question: What is the job title? Why are you only hiring for Nursing Aides?
Answer: The job title is nursing aide. This is in-line with most if not all western countries that are hiring foreign nurses into their country. Unless you are a nurse trained (local or foreign born) in that country, majority of nurses hired into the country, will start their career first as a nursing aide or healthcare assistant. Please feel free to find out more about this by discussing this with recruitment consultant or immigration consultants providing nursing job opportunities to Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK or US.

Question: Do you have opportunities for hospitals?
Answer: As of now, we are currently negotiating with Hospitals in Singapore. We have not signed any contracts yet.

Question: Where can we find the Job description?
Answer: The job description can be emailed to you upon request. You can also visit the health institution websites to find the job description.

Question: What is the hiring Process? How long is the application process?
Answer: The whole hiring process consists of Application, Documentation and Interviews. This will take at least 4 to 8 weeks from the moment you provide us with all the required documents including the passport. Once the candidate is selected after the video interviews, the candidate has to wait till the work VISA is approved by the ministry. The application process to the ministry will take 2 – 4 weeks. Once the Visa is approved, we will arrange for you to arrive in Singapore within 2 – 3 weeks and start work the next day.

Question: How can I follow up on my applications?
Answer: You can always contact us for the latest update. Have patience, and we will update you.

Question: Will I be selected?
Answer: Your selection is dependent on your work experience and your skills.

Question: Can you help us apply for passport? How soon can I receive my passport?
Answer: For Manipur, we are assisting candidates to apply their passport via Tatkaal. It may take 2-3 weeks.

Question: How do I get the Visa?
Answer: Once you are selected in one of the Nursing homes. We will apply the visa for you. The VISA is in the form of a work permit. You will go through the India and Singapore custom using the In-Principle Approved Work Permit. Once you arrive in Singapore, our partner Focus Search Services will bring you to make the actual work permit.

Question: Will I be registered with the Singapore Nursing Board? How do I register myself with SNB? How soon can I get SNB registration?
Answer: In order to apply for the Singapore Nursing Board Registration, you need to be employed with any qualified Healthcare Institution in Singapore. The employer will apply for the registration and you will be required to take an examination in order to qualify as an enrolled nurse, this examination is not easy to pass and you have only 2 chance in your life time to pass the examination.
The earliest possible time for most nurses to take the enrolled nurse registration will be 3 years and some have to wait for 5 years. Selection to take the SNB examinations is dependent on your job performance in Singapore and not length of service after you have fulfilled the minimum 3 years of working in Singapore.

Question: How Genuine is your Consultant? How can I contact your agency? What are the contact details of your company?
Answer: We are a registered company. We have collaboration with CLC-GoNEM. You can contact us via our website(,email, phone or visit our physical offices. Our contact detail is as follows.
Pragmataki Solutions
Registered Office: 45 Old Cemetery Road, Dewlahland
Kabo Leikai, Imphal East – 795005, Manipur, India
Contact: 7005113340, 7005214090

Focus Search Services
Singapore Government Licensed employment agency. 04C4793.
10 Anson Road #16-16 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Tel: +65 6567 2067

Question: Where can we find details about your organization and partner?
Answer: You can visit our website and You can also visit our partners Facebook page to understand more about working in Singapore.

Question: How much is the placement fee? What variable do the fees include?
Answer: Please speak to any of our consultant regarding the placement fees. The placement fees do not include the air ticket cost to Singapore.

Question: I cannot afford the fees?
Answer: Please speak to any of our consultant if you cannot afford the fees, depending on your circumstances and our review, we can seek to apply for financial assistance.

Question: Do you offer trainings?
Answer: We offer trainings in Skills Development.

Question: What is the cost of air ticket from India to Singapore? Who will pick us up from the airport?
Answer: The air ticket cost varies time to time, depending on the airline. The ticket price may range in between 13000 INR to 25000 INR. Our partner in Singapore, will meet you at the airport to pick you up.

Question: I have not travel by flight?
Answer: We will do our best to arrange for you to travel with someone who is arriving at the same nursing home from your state. In addition, we will book flights that will minimize transfer of flights outside of India. You will be given thorough pre-departure briefing and we will be readily available to provide you with assistance by telephone when you are going through the immigration counters. We have assisted 2 nurses who have not travelled by air to arrive safely in Singapore. Travelling by flight is the same as travelling by train or bus. You only need to have the valid air-ticket and ID card. Customer service representatives of the airlines are available all the time to assist first time travelers.

Question: When do we have to pay the fees?
Answer: You will have to pay a deposit of 25,000 INR upon application and pay the rest of the fees once you are selected.

Question: Can we take a financial assistance? What are the documents required for applying the financial assistance?
Answer: We do provide financial assistance best on the candidate profile. You have to apply for the financial assistance. The result is based on the loan application form. We will need a reference letter from a Pastor for financial assistance.

Question: Why do you need the medical test report?
Answer: In Singapore, you will be required to take a medical test before you are allowed to start work. In the event that you fail the medical test, you will be sent back home at your own cost. To prevent the occurrence of such a unpleasant and unnecessary situation from occurring. It is in your best interest to complete the medical test in your home country.

Question: Why do we need to sign on all the documents?
Answer: Singapore is a country that is ruled by law and it is important that all foreigners understand their duties and responsibilities when they are working in Singapore.
It is to ensure that you have read and understood all the contents of the documents provided. You will be bounded by the terms and regulations stated in the documents and you cannot deny that you have not understood what is written in the documents.

Question: Why do we need to sign the declaration letter?
Answer: Singapore is a country that is ruled by law and it is important that all foreigners declare that they have not contravened any of the requirements stated in the declaration letter. Similarly if you have contravened any of the requirements stated in the declaration, you will be sent back to India at your own cost once it is found out.

Question: Where will I stay in Singapore?
Answer: Food and lodging will be provided by the employer for all selected candidates.

Foreign Trained Nurses / Midwives

Foreign trained Nurses / Midwives who wish to work in Singapore must be registered/enrolled with SNB.
You must have an offer of employment with a healthcare institution in Singapore before SNB can consider your application for registration/enrolment.
The hospital/institution offering you employment will apply for registration/enrolment on your behalf via online application.
To be eligible for application, you must have nursing/midwifery registration from the country where you are trained as well as a current license to practice as a nurse or midwife. In addition, you must show evidence that you have completed a nursing programme, which is equivalent (as assessed by SNB) to an accredited pre-registration/pre-enrolment nursing programme in Singapore.

i) All documents submitted to SNB for application for registration/enrolment will be kept by SNB as documentary proof and are not returnable. Any request for copies will not be entertained.
ii) SNB does NOT work with employment agents.
iii) Agents are to work directly with the healthcare institutions’ human resource department.

Documents required for Registration/Enrolment Online Application
1) Passport photograph

2) Certified true copy of original documents, to be submitted in support of your application are:
• Passport or NRIC (if applicable)
• Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
• Transcript of nursing education from training school/college/university (to include detailed breakdown of theory and clinical practice in hours or weeks)
• Training certificate(s) / Graduation Certificates
• Registration certificate
• Current nursing license / practising certificate(s)
• References/Work Testimonials from previous employer(s) to state the period of work, area of practice and work performance and must be written by Nursing Director/Head of Nursing


i) Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an accurate translation in English and certified by Justice of Peace, Notary Public, Commissioner of Oath from their country of origin.

ii) Documents certified as “true copies”
• Must be initialled on every page of the document by the authorized officer (Justice of Peace, Notary Public, Commissioner of Oath, your employer or your supervisor, unless otherwise stated)
• Must include the name of authorized officer (full name), signature, date of certification and healthcare institution stamp and the notarization must be made in English.
iii) Photocopies of previously certified documents will not be accepted.

iv) Certified true copies will only be accepted in hard copy by mail or in person (Fax or Email will not be accepted).

v) Copies which are not acceptable to SNB will delay your application.
The following SNB Fees are applicable:
a) Application Fee for Registration/Enrolment (to be paid upon online application)
b) Registration/Enrolment Fee (to be paid upon approval)
c) Application for Practising Certificate Fee (to be paid upon approval)
Verification of Registration
The following verification of registration is required to verify that you are registered as a nurse/midwife and that no disciplinary proceedings have been taken or are pending against you:
• from the nursing registration authority in the country of your first registration, as well as
• from the nursing registration authority in each country that you had practised nursing/midwifery (if applicable)
You are required to make the request with each nursing regulatory authority and the verification must be sent directly to SNB Operating Office, addressed to Registrar, Singapore Nursing Board.
Verification of Transcripts of Nursing Education
Verification of transcripts of nursing education is required to provide evidence that you have acquired the nursing/midwifery education that you have listed on your Application Form.
Transcripts Must include detailed breakdown for theory and clinical practice in hours or weeks.
You are required to make the request with the educational/training institution(s) and the transcripts must be sent directly to SNB Operating Office, addressed to Registrar, Singapore Nursing Board.
Outcome of Application
You may be:
• required to sit for an examination; and/or
• undergo a competency assessment; and/or
• placed on provisional registration/enrolment; and/or
• allowed to practice with conditions imposed as deemed appropriate by SNB

The SNB will inform you through your employing healthcare institution of the outcome of your application after we have made our assessment.
Please note that we will not provide outcome of registration applications directly to individual applicants. Applicants are required to contact their employing healthcare institution.

The current prescribed SNB Fees are as follow:
No SNB Fee Type Amount (S$)
1. Application for Registration/Enrolment/Certification Fee
a. Application for Registration / Enrolment as a Locally Trained Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife or Enrolled Nurse 30
b. Application for Registration / Enrolment as a Foreign Trained Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife or Enrolled Nurse 60
c. Application for certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse 200
2. Registration / Certification Fee
a. Registration of Person as a Locally Trained Registered Nurse / Registered Nurse (Psychiatry) 30
b. Registration of a Person as a Foreign Trained Registered Nurse / Registered Nurse (Psychiatry) 55
c. Registration of a Person as a Locally Trained Registered Midwife 20
d. Registration of Person as a Foreign Trained Registered Midwife 55
3. Enrolment Fee
a. Enrolment of Person as a Locally Trained Enrolled Nurse 30
b. Enrolment of Person as a Foreign Trained Enrolled Nurse 50
4. Certification of a Person as an Advanced Practice Nurse 40
5. Application/Renewal of Practising Certificate Fee Per Year
a. For a Registered Nurse (Who is not Advanced Practice Nurse) 45
b. For a Registered Nurse (Psychiatry) 45
c. For an Enrolled Nurse 30
d. For an Enrolled Nurse (Psychiatry) 30
e. For a Registered Midwife 30
f. For a Registered Nurse (who is an Advanced Practice Nurse) 60
6. Additional Administrative Charges imposed if payment of Item 5 is made using non-electronic mode, e.g. by Cash, Cheque, Bank Draft or Money or Postal Order 2
7. Late Application/Renewal of Practising Certificate Fee
a. For a Registered Nurse (Who is not an Advanced Practice Nurse) 40
b. For a Registered Nurse (Psychiatry) 40
c. For an Enrolled Nurse 30
d. For an Enrolled Nurse (Psychiatry) 30
e. For a Registered Midwife 30
f. For an Advanced Practice Nurse (together with a Registered Nurse PC) 70
8. Application for Re-registration/Re-enrolment/Re-certification Fee
a. Application for Re-registration as a Registered Nurse 40
b. Application for Re-registration as a Registered Nurse (Psychiatry) 40
c. Application for Re-registration as a Registered Midwife 20
d. Application for Re-enrolment as a Enrolled Nurse 20
9. Application for Re-certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse 100
10. Replacement of Certificate Fee Per Certificate
a. Certificate of Registration 50
b. Certificate of Enrolment 50
c. Advanced Practice Nurse Certificate 50
d. Practising Certificate 50
11. Application for Verification of Registration/Enrolment/Certification Fee 40
12. Application for Transfer of Conditional Registration/Enrolment/Certification Fee (as to place of practice) 55
13. Application for Accreditation of Course Fee Per Course
a. For a course of study leading to any academic or professional qualification in nursing in the form of an award of a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or degree 1000
b. For any other course 700
14. Application for Re-accreditation of Course Fee Per Course
a. For a course of study leading to any academic or professional qualification in nursing in the form of an award of a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or degree 650
b. For any other course 400
15. Application for Transcript of Nursing Education (SON) Fee 50
16. Licensure Examination Fee
a. Licensure Examination Conducted Locally 100
b. Licensure Examination Conducted Overseas 40
17. Application for Independent Practice 200
18. Application for Conversion of Conditional to Full Registration 60
SNB accepts various payment modes, depending on the type and nature of application.


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