Skin care tips for men


Shahnaz Husain

The men’s skin is   little oilier and  thicker than women’s is the key difference between opposite sex . The main  differences between men and women’s skin include texture, hydration and collagen density . The men’s skincare products are manufactured differently as compared to any women’s products   but the basic element of an effective skin care remains the same .

Women desire a well-kept and groomed man. To avoid dull, brittle and dry skin men need to practice regular beauty regine like cleansing, tonning and moisturising for maintaining tighter, younger skin  and also protect their skin from  atmosphere pollution, vehicle exhausts, sun exposure and other pollutants regularly   to avoid puffy eyes and premature wrinkles.

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Men also realize the importance of the appearance; that looking one’s best imparts self confidence, very necessary in today’s competitive career world. Salon care has also become popular and men’s salons have mushroomed at a phenomenal pace.

Men require skin-care routines that are simple and not too time-consuming. A light cleansing gel or face wash can be applied on the skin and wiped off with moist cotton wool, or washed off. It should leave the skin cleansed, without causing moisture depletion. Rinse the skin well with plain water and dab on a skin tonic to tone and refresh the skin. Rose water may be used as a toner. For oily skin, mix rose water and astringent lotion in equal quantities. Astringent lotion will be available at a cosmetic store. Rose-based skin tonic is also available. This can be a pre-shave routine. If the skin is oily and prone to blackheads, a facial scrub should be used twice a week, rubbing it gently on the skin, using circular movements and washing off with plain water.

For shaving, choose a gentle, creamy, emollient product.  This softens the hair, making shaving much easier. It also leaves the skin smooth and supple. Most after-shave lotions are alcohol-based, which can have a drying effect on the skin. A non-greasy after-shave cream which contains powerful antiseptic sandalwood with soothing effect  would be ideal.   It  should  also have  a natural fragrance, which is suitable for men. Moreover, a cream helps to keep the skin moisturized, especially in  monsoon and winters.

Two of the most important aspects of a daily routine for men are cleansing and sun-protection. Cleansing at night is of utmost importance, to remove all the pollutants that have been deposited on the skin during the day. Men spend more time out of doors, in the sun. The application of sunscreens before going out in the sun plays an important role in preventing UV ray damage, sunburn and pre-mature ageing signs.

With age, the skin care routine should also include nourishing. This  provides the emollients (oils), which helps the skin to hold moisture. The application of night creams, with a light massage, helps to improve skin texture. A nourishing cream containing antioxidants like wheat germ oil, or vitamin-rich ingredients, help to keep the skin looking younger and can also have a rejuvenating effect. Using facial scrub once a week helps to remove dead cells and this itself boosts the skin’s cell renewal process. Scrubs should not be applied on pimples, acne or rash.

Men are going in for facials. Weekly salon facials, with professional massage and other techniques, also go a long way towards delaying the ageing signs and rejuvenating the skin. A salon facial can be a real treat and a great way to relax. Apart from maintaining skin-elasticity and resilience, facial massages help to improve the normal functions of the skin, including that of cell-renewal. Face, head and body massages also have great value in terms of inducing relaxation and reducing stress. For oily skin and eruptive conditions, a facial treatment with clean-up should be done, instead of facial massage with cream.

Source:iThe Sangai Express


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