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Sound of the unsaid words : Reading between the lines

Naga Raj, Naga rule. Our Raj, our Government.

Nothing overtly said here, but in giving a brief account of how Naga leaders under the UNC and later NSCN launched a movement against the Government of India, to the ceasefire agreement and later to the inking of the Framework Agreement, the address of UNC president Gaidon Kamei during the 86th death anniversary of Haipou Jadonang may have just managed to stir awake a number of people who stand by the idea of Manipur as a social and political entity.

On the other hand, it is also significant to note that former Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam took pains to urge the people to be wary of the efforts of all those trying to break the age-old unity of the people topping this off with his announcement that the unity between the people of the hills and the valley is not new but has been there since time immemorial.

In one single address, that too during the 86th death anniversary function of Haipou Jadonang held at Haipou Jadonang Park at Keishampat, Gaikhangam underlined the point that it is the unity which has kept Manipur alive and breathing for thousands of years as a political and social entity.

One covertly underlining a point, which need not be detailed here and another openly asserting that the unity between the people of the hills and the valley is not something new.

In one single address, the former Deputy Chief Minister sought to underline the point that the unity of the people has been there since time immemorial and this would not have gone down well with those championing the cause of a Greater Lim.

Two lines of thought on either side of the Lim divide, but both paying respect to the departed soul of Haipou Jadonang.

One can discern the Lim politics being played here and this is what is interesting and making it more interesting is the point that both Gaikhangam and Gaidon Kamei belong to the same tribe, Zeliangrong, the same as Jadonang.

Given the veil of secrecy over the Framework Agreement and the stance adopted by the votaries of Nagalim and the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre, it is difficult to say which way the Lim wind will blow, but what is amply clear is the point that despite the repeated assurance from none less than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, the ghost of a Greater Lim continues to hover over the ongoing political dialogue between New Delhi and the NSCN (IM).

Given the way the Lim politics hung over the death anniversary of Haipou Jadonang, it is significant to note the observation of spokesperson of LJP, Manipur, N Ibohal who stated that it would be in the fitness of things to make anniversaries of patriots of the State more inclusive.

The finer point of this call should not be lost on anyone, for identifying any patriot of the State along narrow communal/ethnic divide would be belittling his or her sacrifice.

Make it inclusive so that people cutting across community and ethnic divide can join hands and observe his or her anniversary jointly, is the call of N Ibohal.

On the part of the Centre it would be in the fitness of things to at least take all the States concerned into confidence vis-a-vis the Framework Agreement, for keeping it secret will only invite more conspiracy theories.



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