States asked to terminate ‘untrained’ teachers


Imphal, August 09 2017: As the Parliament has passed the amendment to the Section 23 (2) of RTE Act to extend the period for training of un-trained in-service elementary teachers in the Govt/Govt-Aided/Unaided-Private schools till March 31, Ministry of Human Resource Development has asked the States and Union of Territories not to allow any teacher in the schools, who does not have the minimum qualifications mandated under the Act to continue in service beyond April 1, 2019.

A notice to this effect was sent to all the States and Union Territories by Additional Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, Anita Karwal on August 3 last.

According to the notice, it is mandatory for all in-service untrained teachers to undertake Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) programme only through ODL on NIOS unless already enrolled and undergoing training in a recognised Teacher Education Institutes (TEI) prior to the amendment.

It reiterated that States must undertake an awareness programme for the teachers, clearly indicating that this would be the last opportunity for application and enrolment to the course failing which their services will be terminated with effect April 1, 2019.

The unqualified in-service teachers in Govt/Govt-Aided/Private schools who fail to enrol on or before September 15, 2017 are liable to face removal/dismissal procedures against them, it stated.

The notice also stated that teachers who do not fulfill the minimum eligibility requirement for taking admission to D.El.Ed programme i.e 50 per cent marks in Class XII will have to join NIOS and reappear for the Class 12 exam to achieve the minimum qualification.

They would however be eligible for provisional admission in D.El.Ed programme of NIOS, subject to securing 50 per cent marks in Class XII exam before completing the programme of NIOS.

This would facilitate such teachers to pursue the programmes concurrently, it elaborated.

It then informed that those untrained elementary teachers may apply for the admission to D.El.Ed programme between August 16 to September 15.

NIOS will share the content of D.El.Ed syllabus with the States by September 1 so that the translations of the content could begin at the State level.

The course materials will be provided by NIOS but translation in local languages will have to be done by the respective States and Union Territories, it explained.

The notice also informed that for conduct of contact programmes, NIOS will provide necessary funds to the SCERTs who will be responsible for arranging the study centres and requisite teacher educators.

The first term of the course will start from October 3 to June 18, 2018 and the second term will start from June 25 to March 31, 2019, it added.

Source: The Sangai Express


  1. It is good for all. Teachers should be given a specific training like D.EL.ED for more effective CLASS ROOM ATMOSPHERE. Gear up: it is too late.


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