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Village authorities clarify on National Sports varsity dispute

Kangpokpi, August 16 2017: The village authorities of Leilon Vaiphei and Konsa Khul have strongly denied the press statement of National Sports University Haraothel Protection Committee (NSUHPC), Senjam Khunou and Senjam Chirang Joint Development Organization over the controversial National Sports varsity.

A press communique signed by Chief of Leilon Vaiphei, Khupneilun Vaiphei and Chief of Konsa Khul, AB Lempu, stated that Leilon Vaiphei and Konsa Khul are the parental villages of Haraothel land based on history, culture and identity and the claim is backed by supportive documents and demanded the NSUHPC, Senjam Khunou and Senjam Chirang Joint Development Organization to clarify regarding the land selected for establishment of National Sports University .

It stated that the village authorities never oppose the establishment of National Sports University taking into account the milestone achievements by the State in the field of games and sports at the National and International level but rather welcome the decision to set up such a valuable Varsity at Haraothel land.

However, to start the process for construction of the Sports Varsity without the knowledge and consent of the legitimate land owner is highly unacceptable as it undermines the right of the land owner, it stated.

It stated that the land of Haraothel was customarily handed down by its parental village, namely Leilon Vaiphei and Konsa Khul in 1960s by chiefship rights, wherein the chief could exercise his power to develop and protect his lands, and added that the chiefship right over the land was formally handed over to (L) Laljakhup Vaiphei .

“It is not only unfortunate but extremely detrimental towards hills and valley cordial relationship to learn that Senjam Khunou and Senjam Chirang blatantly based their allegation using the Manipur State Durbar order of 1928 despite certain proven documents which are held by us after 1928 to prove that the particular area legally belongs to the hill people of Leilon Vaiphei and Konsa Khul before customarily being handed down to (L) Laljakhup Vaiphei and that the land legitimately belongs to Haraothel chief now”, it asserted .

It also stated that Haraothel village was later established in 1966 and it was officially recognized on September 6, 1972 (Hill Miscellaneous Case No 150-v of 197- SH) while it was legitimately under Saitu-Gamphazol sub-division of Sadar Hills( now Kangpokpi district) and the schedule of the land was described in vide order Miscellaneous Matter No 1 of 1999, SDO Gamnom Sapormeina, dated December 22, 1999 and Hill Miscellaneous Matter No 7 of 2014 dated October 27, 2014 .

“The chief of Haraothel is keen enough to donate his land for the establishment of National Sports University for the welfare of the State, especially the sports players, and the Leilon Vaiphei and Konsa Khul appreciated the decision of the Haraothel chief”, said the statement.

Appealing the State Government and concerned authority as well as the people of the State not to have any misconception over the land dispute, chiefs of Leilon Vaiphei and Konsa Khul said that the land legally and admittedly belongs to Haraothel and any forward action without prior consent of the rightful owner could lead to unwanted consequences.

Source: The Sangai Express



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