8th Sirarakhong Hathei Phanit inaugurated, Biswajit assures all possible assistance


DIPR, September 06 2017: Commerce and Industries Minister, Thongam Biswajit Singh, inaugurated the 8th Sirarakhong Hathei (Chilli) Phanit today at the Sirarakhong village and assured all forms of assistance from the State Government to the chilli growers .

Addressing the formal inaugural function, Biswajit encouraged the chilli growers to work harder, and said that he will certainly discuss various ways and methods with the Chief Minister to promote the festival, increase production of the chilli and to provide a market .

The Minister also spoke on the uniqueness of the chilli variety grown in the village and said the chilli is not found anywhere else.

He said the chilli is indigenous to Sirarakhong village and the same variety, when planted at other places, loses its uniqueness, as well as taste, flavour and size.

He continued that it is unfortunate there is no Government initiative, so far, to promote the unique variety of chilli.

Biswajit also spoke on the feasibility of producing hybrids of the chilli .

He continued that the failure of the authority concerned to open a Common Facility Centre (CFC) for chilli is unfortunate and assured to apprise the CM of the issue and to look into what the KVKs and ICAR have been doing so far .

He said that he will discuss with the Chief Minister, the issue of promoting the festival by organising it at the State level as an encouragement to the chilli growers and to improve production which will eventually improve the State’s economy .

Biswajit said that without a stable economy there will be no peace.

“The Government is there to provide jobs to the youth, however, Government job alone is not employment, and we need to push forward and open more self employment avenues”, he said encouraging self employment among the youths .

He said there will be peace only when people start trusting one another .

The Minister also said that the Government is committed to achieve 1.5 lakh employment generations in a year in the State under the various Government Departments and ensure 7 lakh employment generations in five years .

Explaining welfare schemes including the KISAN SAMPADA, the Minister also said that there is a need to spread awareness of the schemes to the people .

On the lack of development in the State, Biswajit said the people are also to be blamed as they are using products imported from outside the State which means there is a drain of wealth from the State.

He explained that if people start consuming products made in the State, it will improve the economy .

Biswajit also said that he will submit a proposal for setting up of a CFC project, but there is need for entrepreneurs and investors .

He also spoke elaborately on the Zero Defect, Zero Effect scheme and also urged the Shirarakhong chilli growers to apply for registration of their products under ZED which will only increase the marketability of their products in the global market .

The inaugural function was also attended by Keirao MLA, L Rameshwor Singh, among others .

The festival organized with an objective to promote the indigenous variety of Shirarakhong chili will continue till September 8.The first day of the festival was also attended by people from various parts of the State.

Source: The Sangai Express


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