Yet another tragic incident occur to our NE sister by barbaric act of mainstream peoples along with a racist and biased Moti Nagar, Delhi Police. A case was filed alleging burglary to our NE sister without providing any evidence prior to allegation.

The victims who is a nurse at Handa Nursing home was alleged for burglary by one of the Landlord residing in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. The incident happened in the first week of September after the servant of the said landlord was admitted in Handa Nursing Home. The servant was first blame by the cruel landowner for the robbery which they later imposed to the Nurse from NE.

More disheartening is the biased act of police in investigation. The maid have already confess being the culprit and have cook up a story of handling the stolen jewelry to the nurse whom she met during her treatment. Instead of trying to find out the factual information of her statement, police along with the family started harassing our NE sisters. They (a group of 7 nurses from NE) were tortured by the localities calling thief and was insulted the races of NE altogether.

A group of localities came down to the hostel where the girls are residing at night and harassed them with verbal jargons and racist comments. MSAD once again condemn the racist attitude of police and the localities of Rajouri Garden. MSAD have immediately inform about the matter to NE cells and all concern authority working for NE peoples, unfortunately there was no proper action from any other sources.

The barbaric act was also reported to some mainstream media to look into the matter. The victims sadly remark that ‘Her only false is being born in NE in such racist place like India’.

This Press Release was sent by Bideshwori Huidrom, who is the President of MSAD and can be contacted at msad9Dot)manipur(at)gmail(dot)com.


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